Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quinn Pumps a Dry Well in Illinois

Gov. Pat Quinn is Dry Pumping Illinois.

"This is jobs. This is Illinois recovery. We've got to get our economy back on track," Quinn said at the bill-signing at Marshall High School on the West Side.

"And, as Franklin Roosevelt said a long time ago, the best way to do it is to prime the pump with public works where the government steps in and builds buildings and builds a lot of other things that the people need," the governor said.

People need it good and hard, sayeth Quinn!


1.Start pumping the Double Saw-Bucks into Video Poker! Done that ( illegally) and lost beau coup Bucks! Now, Illinois Budget Commandos can straddle a stool and go home to the wife and kids and proudly proclaim, " I invested this month's mortgage in Illinois Infrastructure Improvements! Oh, I tossed in the Mount Carmel tuitions and groceries, but I expect to have a much better day, once I swipe the new Visa Gold and head back to the Bucket of Blood with a fistful of Dollars! . . . What????"

2. Spend more for shampoo, candy, beer, wine, bottled tea ( Kids -Meet Captain Lipton and the Big-Ass Pitcher)!

3. Pony Up at the Currency Exchange for Title Transfers, Illinois Plates, Stickers and Fees!

4. Line-up for Shovel Ready Jobs ( pay for your Laborers Card first . . .Oh, and that big sharp metal thingy, there; that goes into the clay-thick Illinois Soil - You grab the long wooden shaft - that's the working end of the Shovel) and see who gets hired! As Foxy John Cullerton says this Dollar Give-away ends "the practice of using out-of-work Illinoisans as political leverage while also removing a major roadblock to bipartisan cooperation and trust among political leaders." . . . And the Easter Bunny lives under my deck.

5. Oh, and this nugget was missing from the Progressive Independent Voice of Chicago ( Sun Times) account, but found down low in the Chicago Tribune Budget Bonanza! Say good-bye to $ 3.6 Billion Dollars Governor Rookie Quinn will 'borrow' -
Quinn's latest budget plan would include borrowing up to $3.6 billion to pay public-employee pensions. Quinn helped defeat a similar proposal in May as he tried to force a tax increase.


You feeling me, Illinois? You will! Ralph Martire Budgets and We get to pay for it! Hey, Ralph, how about spotting me and the kids an inch or two of Grants, or Jacksons until summer is over? Invest in my Children! Ralph, The Children!!!!!

But the Mighty Quinn says no Illinois Income Tax . . . yet. Well, I have just enough Irish Chapstick ( Preparation H) to see me through October.

Here's the deal. When there ain't nothing to Pump Up, the well is bone dry!

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