Thursday, September 04, 2008

McCain/Palin: Sarah Palin Opens America's Dutch Door and Bids All Welcome Home

A Dutch door is rarely seen in Chicago anymore. There were still many homes that had them in rural Kankakee County where I was a baby teacher.

I liked them. They were welcoming, but also set a condition - belong here. They were at once a means of keeping out dangers to the home, and all the while a portal for bringing light and fresh air into the home.

Last night, while watching Sarah Palin make her acceptance speech at the RNC in St. Paul, I was reminded of the Dutch doors. Sarah Palin invited America to meet her family and strongly set the conditions of just who the Palin's are, where they come from and how they expect all of us to behave when with them. Sarah Palin explained her path onto the national stage. Palin presented the motives and methods that mark her career outside of her home. Governor Palin detailed the struggles in her State to make the best return on each voter's expectations for government and the means by which she was able to return those dividends on honest government to that voter.

More importantly, Gov. Sarah Palin set the rules for political engagement which allows her opponents to clearly understand that, when a Chicago politician brings a handgun to a political knife-fight, he can expect to be met with a round from a howitzer long before he pulls the trigger.

The Top half of the Dutch Door is open and the bottom half barred those who would do her family harm, or sully their lives for political gain. Last night, Sarah Palin made a powerful decision. God help the poor creature invited through the open door who violates that trust - man, beast or agenda.

Sarah Palin threw the bolt down from the top half of the Dutch door and tossed the full portal open and invited every American into her home. The fresh air and the warmth of the fire is welcome. You have been invited - behave accordingly.


Rudy Carrera said...

That was one of the funnest speeches (actually, a series of speeches with Mitt, Rudy and Huck behind her) I've seen in a while. I haven't felt this good about politics since Reagan!

May the Arctic Fox maintain the momentum.

pathickey said...

Abso -Tutley My Friend!

I can not wait until this talented and tough young woman gives a Wasilla Kiss* to Keith Olbermann!

* Artic Variation on the Dublin Kiss - snapping one's forehead into the bridge of an idiot's nose.