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John McCain: If You Thought Obama's Foreign Policy Was Appeasement - Get A Load of Obama's Education Plans!

Larry Johnson, a rock-ribbed Hillary Clinton supporter, has pulled together some of the finest and most reasoned critics of Obama's radical kitchen cabinet: Ayers/Rezko/Wright/Dohrn & etc.

Click my post title and carefully read Santa Clara University School of Law Professor Steve Diamond's study of the operatives at work on Billy Ayers' Education Agenda for Barack Obama.

Ayers is the Skunk in Obama's Trunk.

Domestic Terrorist Billy Ayers 'walked out of jail' and into Academic circles by dint of his Daddy's ComEd power circle that embraced University of Chicago, Northwestern University, the Woods Fund, Sidley and Austin Law Firm, and any number of left-sensitive political animals. Ayers' insulated life allowed him to leap from 'Underground' to Hyde Park influence without so much as time out for his decades of crimes against America.

More significantly, Ayers was placed in a position to wield influence on Education policy through Chicago's Public School Reform scams which created Local School Councils to serve as wedge between Public School Administration and the Teachers Unions.

The purpose rooted in Billy Ayers' activities is to undermine the root values that American Education has inculcated through curriculum development and instruction in the sheep's clothing of 'social justice.'

Larry Johnson's No Quarter site offers important and thoughtful analysis of Obama's 'go-along-to-get-elected' agenda: Appeasement in Foreign Policy and Surrender in Education.

Ayers bombed and robbed in a simpler time. Back then, mobbed up guys broke appendages and took blow-torches to dead-beats. Now, criminals engage in wire fraud and identity theft. Billy Boy Ayers is nothing if not craven sophisticate.

Ayers and his gang use 501(c)3's, State Legislatures, daffy elected officials, a gutless if not completely corrupt Chicago Media and artfully duplicitous academics to 'bomb' the pillars of American Education:

Ayers himself wrote on his website in a January 19, 2008 essay on school reform:

“The dominant narrative in contemporary school reform is once again focused on exclusion and disadvantage, race and class, black and white. ‘Across the US,’ the National Governor’s Association declared in 2005, ‘a gap in academic achievement persists between minority and disadvantaged students and their white counterparts.’ This is the commonly referenced and popularly understood ‘racial achievement gap,’ and it drives education policy at every level. Interestingly, whether heartfelt or self-satisfied, the narrative never mentions the monster in the room: white supremacy….Gloria Ladson-Billings upends all of this with an elegant reversal: there is no achievement gap, she argues, but actually a glancing reflection of something deeper and more profound—America has a profound education debt. The educational inequities that began with the annihilation of native peoples and the enslavement of Africans, the conquest of the continent and the importation of both free labor and serfs, transformed into apartheid education, something anemic, inferior, inadequate, and oppressive. Over decades and centuries the debt has accumulated and is passed from generation to generation, and it continues to grow and pile up.” (Emphasis added.)

At a certain stage in American history it might have made some kind of desperate sense to make this kind of argument, perhaps prior to 1865 or 1965, but in 2008? Even then it was possible and there were examples of multi-racial efforts to fight for justice and equality for all Americans.

Of course, today when millions of white workers suffer conditions little different from those of inner city blacks it borders on the absurd to make such an argument. Nor is it clear that throwing more money at our public schools is the real solution. Yet it seems to be the kind of argument that is behind the new race-based approach argued by those in favor of paying off centuries of “educational debt.” The unanswered question today is whether or not Barack Obama subscribes to such a narrow and potentially destructive social perspective.

As Ayers will be linked to the terrorism afflicting Columbia, undermining the Columbia Free-Trade Agreement, helping Hugo Chavez build a Terror Empire in South America, so will he be witnessed setting charges at the foundation of American Education Policy.

Folks like Larry Johnson, Anne Leary, John Rubery, Bill Baar have done us all great service in keeping the lights shined on Ayers and Dohrn.

Let's start demanding some answers from Chicago's Media to these questions:

1. What and Who is the root cause of William Ayers involvement with the Chicago Education Reform Movement?

2. Who insisted upon Ayers's involvement? Who clouted AYERS?

3. What exactly were Barack Obama's marching orders from Ayers as Chairman of the Annenberg Challenge? No one in Chicago's media has asked that question - yet.

4. What exactly is Sen. Obama's Education Plan for America? McCain's is right out in front on his Website - School Choice and Vouchers

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