Thursday, February 19, 2015

ReBooting Ralphie Martire -Carol Marin et al Want Illinois Dead Broke, for the Children!

                                                       Ralph Martire-Some -King of Illinois!

The absolute king of Illinois is not Mike Madigan, let alone Bruce Rauner.  The absolute king of Illinois is a dandified meat-head with a slide rule -Ralph Martire.

"  Let’s start with the initial flawed premises. The Democrats never should have made the tax increase temporary from the start because they were not dealing with a temporary problem when they passed it.
Illinois’ revenue shortcomings weren’t primarily caused by the temporary — albeit significant — recent economic downturn, but instead are structural. Indeed, the state’s tax policy is so poorly designed that for decades revenue growth hasn’t kept pace with service cost growth — even when no services are added or expanded. Structural problems can’t be rectified with temporary solutions."

I have followed this goof's magical career from the moment Dawn Clark Netsch plucked him from obscurity and tossed Illinois into permanent and unresolvable debt. This is the creepy little public money trough slurp per who made "Fair Share" the buzz word for kill the middle class. He'd say horseshit like , 'We don't have a Revenue Problem in Illinois; we have a problem of will!'  Take money from earners and slather it all over dependant agencies and select demographics.

Ralph Martire - you could not find this tax-happy mope anywhere near the press for the last two years, because Pat Quinn thought he could get re-elected.

Now, you can not avoid this toxic architect of fiscal ruin!

No less a jabbering nitwait than Carol Marin hosted Ralphie Martire on WTTW last evening in an attempt to make Rauner sound like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Rauner couldn't carry Walker's jock strap on his best day. Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is Rahm Emanuel with all of his fingers.

We will never reboot Illinois until hogs like Ralph Martire get the permanent boot from public life.

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