Monday, February 16, 2015

Sun Times Puffery: "Rahm Emanuel: 'I became my own worst enemy ... " Chicagoans Replay," Not as long as we're still breathing

Jerry Plunkett: If they don't let us at those Boches pretty soon, I'll have to carve me up a top-sergeant!

Terence 'Crepe-Hanger' Burke: Don't mind him sarge, he's his own worst enemy!

Sergeant 'Big Mike' Wynn: Not while *I'm* alive, he ain't! Fighting 69th (1940)

Rahm Emanuel: 'I became my own worst enemy ... '

Not even close' yet, the pre-election scenery painting goes on at the Chicago Sun Times.  Fran Spielman offers a dutiful homage to her overlord's and their favorite 9.5 fingered strongman -Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

In order to lend more national gravitas to her Rahm-souffle, Frannie cracked a few familar eggs - the Rajin Cajin Jimmy Carville and the alwats hilarious Pee-Wee Herman of Cable - Paul Begala, "Paul Begala says being mayor is “why God made” Rahm Emanuel, and he expects his friend to remain in the job “as long as the people of Chicago will have him.” 

The same was said of Mussolini, the Paper Hanger of Vienna and the Castro Brothers.  Gosherino, Paul!

Carville says, 'Two and Out and if it is third term Rahm Emanuel wants, why, he'll throw himself between Rahm and the filing petition scanner next time.

Tough.  I mean tough.

Not as tough as Rahm, to be sure - Fran Spielman's yellow brick road for the little prique to gambol his way back to Floor # Five is paved with Rahms own narrative,“I’m driven to make a difference. It’s part of my upbringing. It’s part of my psychology. I do it in a forceful way. It may ometimes rub people the wrong way. I’m not saying I haven’t contributed,”  and then  that gets calked with BS by Begala - " " He's a Do-er" 

Sure he's tough.

You wanna see tough?  Get aload of the second Rahm Emanuel term of office.

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