Tuesday, February 24, 2015

ADP Security Lets Rahm Sleep on Election Eve -"Inevitable!"

Yep, I bet Rahm snoozed like Cinderella last night. Snuggled deeply in a few down-filled quilts and sausaged in some Eddie Bauer footy-Jammies, the Mayor from Highland Park slept the sleep of inevitabilty on steroids, because he cared enough to buy the best security system

ADP - Axelrod's Democratic Party

  • Opponents Villified
  • Press Co-opted
  • Voters Suppressed, Depressed and Middle Class Stressed
  • Outrage PreCast
  • Bundlers Muffled
Comb-Over Dave Axelrod, the builder of Denver Parthenons and Compelling Narratives, has anti-torpedo netting belted so thick and tight around this hick burg that even  Michaele and Tareq Salahi couldn't wedge through - Rahm was tucked in by Mark Brown, Carol Marin, Bruce Dold and the Sand Man of  the BGA Andy Shaw with assurances that he will be Mayor as long as a contract for any one of Chicago's remaining assets can be dangled in front of an Emir.

Inevitable.  Say say it with me ". . .IN  eveee Table."  Forrest Claypool is in. . .always.      Rahm is on eveee lip.  Table any notion that neighborhoods are safe; your money is your own; and that you and your neighbors are given any thought what-so-ever!


ADP - it is what makes America sleep. 

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