Sunday, February 08, 2015

ComEd and ReMix Chicago Offer Leo Men a Look Life in the Arts

A drone operated by two young artists greeted the van load of Leo High School students, who woke up early on Saturday, got gussied up, and boarded a van commanded by Coach Debo and History teacher Bill Tomaka and drove to the Pilsen neighborhood.  At LaCuna Lofts located at 2150 S. Canalport ( just off the street from Cermack Road), Com Ed sponsored a day-long program that featured REMIX.
The Remix Project was created in order to help level the playing field for young people from disadvantaged, marginalized and under served communities. Our programs and services serve youth who are trying to enter into the creative industries or further their formal education; The REMIX Project provides top-notch alternative, creative, educational programs, facilitators and facilities. Our mission is to help refine the raw talents of young people from across the GTA in order to help them find success as participants define it and on their own terms.
This program started in Toronto,Canada and recently found a home at Lacuna Lofts, with the backing of Joe Cacciatore, son of a great Chicago philanthropist.

Leo High School was invited to share the talents of our students with the artists and directors of REMIX.

We have a some very talented gents. One in particular happens to be less than an engaged academic gent, but actively pursues his musical interests and inclinations.  Two attendees from Leo are remarkable vocalists and the other five young men work in church choirs, act as sound technicians for DJs and MCs in their neighborhoods, or dabble in techno-artistry.

As Coach Debo wheeled the Leo van into the lot a drone hopvered over the vehicle and buzzed the gents as they alighted from Old Number 7 ( my morning pick-up vehicke for the last three years).

ComEd representatives greeted the gents, who were the first to arrive for the day's events and the Leo Lions mingled with grace and dignity. Click on the link for the day's events from Hashtag ComEd.  The photos here are my own.

Thank you to all of the folks at ComEd, REMIX and LaCuna Lofts!

This about sums it up!
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 This last great shot is via ComEd

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