Monday, February 23, 2015

Black Sails Hoisted LGBTQ Gay Roger and I Pulled Up Anchor on Starz and All the Other Cable Scolds

I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the Father, but by me. " Jesus from John 14:6

"I think that the fans are going to love it because I think it further justifies [Flint's character]... I mean, there's going to be people who are pissed, like, 'F--- that. You can't do that to pirates,' you know what I mean? I'm really excited for that conversation to happen because it's probably a rare thing... To go back and show his history and a homosexual relationship that is basically what has made him become a pirate, is, I think, awesome."  Cap'n Jack from Black Sails
        "Every Man is Lied to for his own good." Cap'n Flint from Black Sails 

Not so.

Cable TV, or pay-to-be-scolded television, is here.

I like television and happen to be less than a prude and much less of a bigot.

As an educated Catholic male, widower, teacher, writer, coach and most of all neighbor, it is incumbent upon me to respect the opinions of others and not shrink from offering one of my own*.

Television and Hollywood are force-feeding the LGBTQ agenda like French farmers with a yard full of long necked silly geese.

No thank you.

After the pirate series Black Sails Season 2 episode XIII fundamentally changed the tack from starboard to port with revelation that Captain Flint is a Gay Buccaneer.  Why?  The entire cast explained everything to the Hollywood news hounds with uniform agreement and purple praise for courage: 
Image result for shot over the bow
I fired a shot over their bow - HMS LGBTQ RAINBOW HOLLYWOOD.

I won't pay to be scolded by people who detest me.  Detest up a storm, kids, but no more nickels to HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ or whatever.

Arrrrgh You Nuts? 

I'm sailing for better harbors.

*I  do not believe that marriage is about love, but a contract between two people, a man and a woman who honor and respect one another enough to bring a child into the world within the laws of Nature, that is sanctified in a church ceremony.  There is room for a civil acknowlegment of this bond.  Civil recognition covers legal and property issues.  Marriage helps loving couples, but is not all about love.  Love is too easy.
Marriage is tough.

The State of Illinois overruled my opinion and thousands of years of common sense.

Soon the Federal government will do the same.

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LL said...

I stopped watching once the politically correct "gay blade" emerged.