Saturday, February 07, 2015

TWO Illinoisans of ICE-ES?

ISIS recruits Burhop and Poisson-Croc in Spring 2014 at the shack on Rt 113 Custer Park, IL -happier before involvement with ISIS(l)

February 6,2015 (Reuters, or Rooters, or Whatever)

 Dwanne Burhop (45) and Dale 'Critter'  Poissons-Croc (44)  of Custer Park, Il claim that they only volunteered to enlist in the army of Islamic States of Iraq and Syria ( and the Levant) because the guy speaking on the toll free number mentioned Free Ice. Burhop took the call at Custer's Keg, when the owner asked him to watch the bar, while he grabbed a smoke outside,

The life-long friends and Reed -Custer High School graduates live in a shack on the west bank of the Kankakee River, where they run Linco-Jug lines and trap river muskrats for a livihood, have not had a refrigerator since the Clinton Second term, when COMED shut off their power due to non payment.

" We been keeping our cans of Red, White and Blue cool in the river and we eat everthing that comes our way on the spot.  These last few weeks the beers freeze.  It makes sense to get free ice. The damn Federal lawyers don't see it that way - needed us some ice.Man said, " Free Ices" so we're in."

Dwanne Burhop's classmate and fellow Linco-Jug linesman Poissions-Croc added, "This is Bull@#$%! Some set up from the Wilmington Gun Club faggots who want us off the river."

Poisson-Croc is now charged with hate-speech crimes and is currently under review by Attorney General Eric Holder, who is"not anywhere near through stomping on the likes of these two."

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