Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Guardian: CPD Blamed for Patrick Kane and Derrick Rose Injuries

Coincidence.  (noun) 1. A remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.KaneImage result for homan squareImage result for derrick rose injury

2015 has not been a good year for Chicago sports. In less than 60 days, we lost Ernie Banks; the Jackie Robinson West Little League scandal broke, stripping a title from the most beloved team the city has had in years; and the bright light of the hiring of John Fox as the Bears' new head coach was dimmed as serious hints continue to emerge that both Matt Forte and Brandon Marshall may not be back. Then came Tuesday night.
And Cleveland fans feel they are jinxed.
Racism, Class-ism, Iceism, Rountinization and Systemic knee water?  No it must have been all the afore mentioned and Chicago Police.

CHICAGO: Rose and Kane 'Disappear' from Chicago Sport Scene
Punters seeking to manage the over and under when dropping a few Bob on sport, we sorely disappointed when NFL leading scorer and the Bulls' Lourdes Frequent Flyer took places in the Public Health queue.
The Guardian has reported that Chicago Police Department's Homa Square facility is being used to disappear home brewers.  Three NATO protestors and home brewers were charged as domestic terrorists in 2013, even though none of the trio belong to the Tea Party.  Lamprey Lawyers for Peoples Law Offices cite CPD with  "routinization of a notorious practice ."
The Homan Square black site is located on Chicago's occupied West Side, where oppression comes up like the thundering dawn on the Raod to Mandalay.  Both sport teams play oin the West Side, dangerously close to Homan Square House of Hoo-doo.
Says, G. Flint Taylor, Gator Wrassler and Abulance Chasing Pettiogger, “This Homan Square revelation seems to me to be an institutionalization of the practice that dates back more than 40 years, . . .  of violating a suspect or witness’ rights to a lawyer and not to be physically or otherwise coerced into giving a statement.”  

All roads lead somewhere. The Guardian notes that facts often bowl wickets stuck.
Chicago punters wonder. Were Kane and Rose disappeared to cover CPD betting at the highest levels? OR, was Kane mistaken for an African American?Image result for Patrick Kane

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