Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Well Done, Neighbors! Chicagoans Call Dibs on Their Vote

Before I read the "Chicago" papers, I get real news from Second City Cop, a brilliant news aggregator that offers unvarnished facts with a side order of cop wit. If the Flatfoot who runs that site had the investigative talent of the Sun Times ( Novak, Fusco, Korecki & etc.) the Illinois BGA would have the Feds in its tighty-whities.

When I hit the sack last night, Rahm had on 45 % - no where near enough to dance back on Five.

This morning Second City Cop offered this sober analysis -

All the media in the bag, a $30 million campaign chest, businesses and unions behind him...and they couldn't deliver him an election. They couldn't overcome one simple fact - Rahm is an asshole. His whole demeanor screams, "I'm as(sic) asshole!" And people don't like assholes.

Hence, the public's low opinion of the Media.  The media is in the tank for Rahm and will do all in its power to perform radical Axelrods on Chuy Garcia and anyone within twenty yards of him for the next six weeks.

But that is to be; let's remember what was ................................

The Sun Times ( rather Tom McNamee the Editor of Opinion) bleated, 'Rahm Emanuel has earned your vote..'  Mmmmbbbbbbbaaaaaaahhhh!Image result for sheep in chicago
Image result for bruce dold
The Chicago Tribune( rather Bruce Dold)  minced, " A vote against Emanuel is a vote for what, exactly?"   Sounds like steam escaping, to quote from Mel Brooks.

  • A vote against Rahm is a vote for preserving the integrity of the neighborhoods over the developers
  • A vote against Rahm is vote for and end to the political playland for Progressives like Forrest Claypool - Thundering Dick Simpson might call that crony caqpitalism
  • A vote against Rahm is a vote for a person like Willie, or Chuy who earned the right to run and were not 'positioned' - like Obama and Rahm.
  • A vote against Rahm is a vote for some tough work ahead free of rhetorical nonsense made up by Robert Redford, Bruce Dold, or Tom McNamee
  • A vote against Rahm is a choice
The Chicago News Media, as well as President Pullman Porter and Hollywood just had its collective rump handed back to it. Hey, Rahm!  Pullman My Finger!

Let's do it again on April 7th. Let's keep the Vote Dibs Going - no matter the weather! Deny Media, Deny Rahm, Defy the Inevitable!

Well done,Neighbors! 

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