Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Twenty Two Shades of Moss - The Liberating Soul of the American Zombie

I  will knock down the Gates of the Netherworld,
I will smash the door posts, and leave the doors flat down,
and will let the dead go up to eat the living!
And the dead will outnumber the living! Epic of Gilgamesh

October 31, 2016
 (voice over)
Louis got down out of the tree only long enough to take quick look around.  They were out there and he could feel their dead eyes on him somehow. "How they do that they're dead, " he said to no one in particular; rather still animated by a human soul.


Let me tell you, how.  Hi, I 'm Craig Masters Y Johnson - Soledad.  You may remember me from CBS This Morning, where I was the go-guy on matters concerning our sexual mores and Latino web-surfing.  Louis was up a tree because he was afraid, afraid of change, not in touch with his emerging self and still a distributionist who reads Belloc and Chesterfiield. Louis like so many Americans is unliberated and remains a kinemortophobe.

Since 2006, people have evolved.  From the first Zombie Walk in Pittsburgh - Stonewall of the UnDead - Americans have come around with the help of Federal Judges, appointed for life and smarter than God, the only metaphysical phenomenon unacceptable to good persons.

Thirty eight of fifty States have included the perambulating departed,  or Mossies because of our evolved coloration, if you simply must be slang-ready,  as eligible for health care benefits, home loans, foster care eligibility and service as first responders. Thirty-eight states and their Mossie federal judges have finally made things right for the hundreds among us who are different - less talkative and addicted to live human brains.

Let's get the twelve remaining Tea Party states to toss their bags get more alive with people who ain't! Call your Federal Courts of Appeals - no sense doing this by legislation. Act now. Moss is the new Green. 

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