Thursday, February 19, 2015

Go to Work,or Play Sick Mountie of the Yukon All Day

Outpost of the Mounties                                        Outpost Hickey in 2014 before wind took down the basketball rigWhen the summer wind comes a-winging,
Then I’m feeling so alone.
There’s a melody softly singing,                       
Bringing me memories of home.
"Due to severe weather conditions, we will be closed tomorrow, Thursday, February 19, 2015."

Leo High School soundly decided to call off school due to the dangerous winds and Artic temperatures. we had an Alumni meeting at Father Perez Knights of Columbus Council 1444 last evening, while Lions of the Hard wood hosted our Brother School - Brother Rice in the 3rd Floor Gym.  I have yet to track down the score of that game - must have run late*.

We are in the frozen North! Midwest. South, East you name it.  Chicago was again blessed by God and avoided tons of the white stuff now crusting Indiana and Michigan.

I decided to come into the school and prep some stock donation with the requisite info and my signature - drop off Alumni donations and avoid being an Arctic cocoon.

My late wife Mary like corny old movies that had Singing Mounties, be they standard black and white epics, or Shirley Temple's blubbering interrrupted by song.  Whenever our Bourbonnais, Illinois apartment heat failed to keep up with the threshing winds and the thermostat dropped below 60 degrees, she'd say, "Time to play Sick Mountie!"

That meant that the two of us and later the three of us would cocoon within quilts, sleeping bags, Army blankets and even thick bath towels.

I though of that last night, when we got the call 8:53PM announcing "No Classes."

I covered the cat in an extra blanket and Sophie objected not a bit.

Car fired up fine, no snow.  Really cold, as predicted. 

It is Lent - be productive, somewhat!  Anytway, no oone to play Sick Mountie with but that damn scrawny cat.

* UPDATE Brother Rice 51, Leo 48: Mike Shepski scored 12 points in leading Brother Rice (11-16) to a spot in the consolation championship. Morgan Taylor added 11 points for the Crusaders and Jake Kosakowski had 10 in the contest at Loyola. Kewan Smith registered a game-high 21 points for Leo (9-15) and Darius Branch finished with 18.

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