Sunday, February 22, 2015

Black Sails Season Two Raises The Rainbow Flag: Must The Pirate's Heart Want What the LBTQ Want Too?

 Yo, Ho and Ho again! Cable TV's Black Sails just hoisted the Jolliest of Rogers on a Rainbow Banner!
 The show is gorgeous to look at and action-packed, but over the first season and a half there didn’t seem to be a lot there specifically for gay (male) audiences. Sure, the show features many attractive actors, among them Tom Hopper, Toby Stephens, Zach McGowan and Toby Schmitz. (Added bonus, a couple of these guys seem to have no qualms about full frontal nudity.) The series also can boast a central lesbian character– a beautiful and clever prostitute named Max (Jessica Parker Kennedy) who has had two very passionate relationships with other central female characters. But gay men at least seemed pretty much absent from the canvas. That is, until last night’s episode.
  ABC - the Disney network is and has been fociferously gay. Sonic fast foods demands to sell the Rainbow Flag along with its hot dogs.  Fair enough.  Hollwood demands to be heard and its message for last twenty years or so, is loud and proud about homosexuals.  No big deal.

Genres?  The Pirate movie.  Gay subtext universal?  Gilbert & Sullivan defined gay according to the now archaic meaning. Douglas Fairbanks, Ty Power and Errol Flynn the same - cut a throat and lark-out a joyful 'Ha,Ha, Me Hearties!'

Real pirates.  The Gangster Disciples of Carribean were as homophobic as People and Folks demand of stone killers and players.

Hollywood?  Tin-ear. Peter Pan, not Peter Blood!

Pre-Stonewall Maritime Homosexual practices were punishable by death.  Homosexuals remained closeted, or went rouge like Claggert in Herman Melville's novella Billy Budd about the homsexual stalking of a handsome sailor, by the afroemnamed Master at Arms.
Adam Shankman
The Starz channel and other cable television outlets are thick with gay themed series, movies, documentaries, stand-up concerts and investigations.

America's part in WWII was cover nicely with two ten part series - Band of Brothers and The Pacific.  Vietnam, The Depression, Korea?  Not much to tell there.

Sex sells and blood sells.  Now mix them up and as quick as you can Say Will and Grace. . . you get Sex Cells and Bloods Cells and . . .Pirates! Ambiguous . . .nope, better yet, . . .A Pirate Captain who is Questioning!

Piracy is finally out of Davy Jones' Locker.  Black Sails, a pirate series packed with the usual cable TV KY Jelly lubrication of sapphic pillow talk and back-porch majority rule in matters of the heart, now has added the heart.  Capatin Flint is a Nancy boy. 

Yep, the man who terrorized the warm waters of the Carribean is really a just a man in full denial of his lust and longing for an English Lord.  Captain Flint is now fully out of the closet and liberated.

Pirates. Buccaneers. High Sea free booters.  Captain Blood?  You know.

We get it homosexuals (Male/Female & Whatever) make up 2% of our human population.

Gays sell us our mortgages; they people our villages; they do more than dance in musical comedies. We understand that and we treat them like neighbors. I nod with sympathy whenever Stephen Fry cries about his gender specific heart breaks.  I get it. It is no tiresome.

Black Sails was a fairly entertaining pirate series. I'm off it. Black Sails?  Not worth watching Brokeback Cove.   What's next, The Enola Gay - Now It Can Be Sung! ?    

Did the gay agenda jump the shark with this one?  I think so.

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