Friday, February 20, 2015

George Pullman! - You Didn't Build Pullman! Pullman Porters Did!

President Obama, flanked by every middle class hating creep on the public tit, makes Pulman a National Park

Super. Pullman is a National Park.

Pullman?  Did George Pullman build that? Nope.

The James Buchanan of modern Presidents, President Barack H. Obama, came to Chicago to stump for Rahm Emanuel at Mendel High School . . . .at Gwedolyn Brooks College Preparatory Magnet Blue Riboon Public School that Ain't Fenger to announce that Pullman is a National Park.

Obama's Pullman is history going through its final rinse cycle. "“This site is at the heart of what would become America’s Labor Movement — and as a consequence, at the heart of what would become America’s middle class,*”

President History for Real Dummies went on to highlight the champions of labor who emerged to transform all workers into middle class Babbitts,  " “I want future generations to know that while the Pullman porters helped push forward our rights to vote, and to work, and to live as equals, their legacy goes beyond even that,” Obama said. “These men and women without rank, without wealth or title, became the bedrock of a new middle class. These men and women gave their children and grandchildren opportunities they never had.”

Nota Bene and hold this thought - The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters (BSCP) was, in 1925, the first labor organization led by African Americans to receive a charter in the American Federation of Labor (AFL). It merged in 1978 with the Brotherhood of Railway and Airline Clerks (BRAC), now known as the Transportation Communications International Union. Prior to that African Americans who fled Jim Crow hatred in he South . . .scabbed. They took jobs Labor Union Members on strike once had and did so igniting race riots up to and through 1919.StrikebreakersChicago police protecting African American strikebreakers board a trolley to Chicago Stockyards on Strike in 1904.

Obama Labor history in America begins in 1925 and graces one and all with Civil Rights!

What happened in the Pullman Neighborhood before the Gwendolyn Brooks Presidential yak, is irre;evant . . . . adistraction.. . . .somethings that belongs in the deep dark recesses of historical Dawn Clark Netschy and curries only to Barbara Flynns.

  • 1860 - War's aComin'!  George Pullman dreams of a luxury railroad car for rich war profiteers that has sleeping accomodations and upholstered walls
  • 1861's with the American Civil War soaking the earth with white guilt, George Pullman goes to Colorado and gets 'capital' for his idea by running a store and an ore refinery.  No Goldman Sachs and no Illinois Legislature gave George Pullman and 'free money.'
  • 1863 George got his pockets stuffed with money! Returns to Chicago.
  • 1865 -A Pullman is included in Lincoln's funeral
  • 1967- George Pullman aged 36 is a plutocrat with his Pullman Palace Car Company.
  • 1877 George Pullman aged 47 is already as goofy as Bill Gates and becomes Social Reformer with an ideal city based upon a European model of German hygene and Swiss intolerance! He builds Pullman, Illinois to house his workers, pay them in company scrip, and bully rag their hours off
  • 1886 Harmarket Riots break the Knights of Labor and allow radicals to dictate labor policy
  • 1894 Pullman Strike George pulls in Illinois National Guard and U.S.7th Cavalry to break the stike as well as thousands of scabs -strike is broken, but so George.   No Pullman Porters participated with the strikers.
  • 1897 George Pullman dies and in this sweet labor note  
There were strikes aplenty in Chicago from 1897 -1925.  There was a World War.  There was also Prohibition and George Pullman would have been very proud.
Pullman is now a National Park - Super.

*The people who most detest the American Middle Class and the hostory of Labor spout cooing love for both.  Obama is contemptuous of us. Rahm is out to end us and the Springfield nitwits will see that it is done.

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