Wednesday, February 04, 2015

I'm Back. . .Until I Start Talking Back to the Crucifix

I had surgery on 7AM Monday morning at Advocate Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn.  Christ Advocate ranks only behind Northwestern, Rush and University of Chicago and is one of the busiest ER's on the planet - if there is a shooting victim south of Madison Avenue you can bet Christ Advocate gets the work.

The night before we took on 19.3 " of snow - taller than Chicago's Mayor and much, much more deep.

I got up at 3 AM and plowed the dive and the sidewalk - not to be a pain-in-the-ass to the neighbors, but to allow McNamara Cab easy access. It was a futile gesture. MAC CAB called me at 4:50 AM  to inform me he was stuck at 10th & Rockwell. No sweat - boots on and move them stumpy legs.

We got there in time ( 5:35 AM) and I Duked the drive a saw buck. In I go. 

I had a quickly developing tumor on my nose (left nostril) and looked like Bardolph in Kenneth Brannagh's glorious version of Henry V for the last three weeks.

I was referred to a lovely Greek American woman ( Dr. Nicki) to perform my plastic surgery.  My anaesthesiologists was guy who looked all too familiar - did I borrow a huge amount of cash from him in gaming days?   I was asked to shift from my bed to surgeon's table and told that I might get sleepy - out before my ass snuggled into the new pallet.

I spent Monday in a nice dope induced fog and yesterday getting used to the Dr. Nicki's knife work and sewing.  I have a double gauze cover for my nose sutures and long thin bikini scar from right ear to heroic jaw, where Dr. Nicki took skin grafts.  I am taking pain killers and antibiotics.

I came into work this AM and will try to get in a full day - we have a board meeting at 3PM.  I got here at 4AM and answered some e-mails.  I feel a tad dopey . . .but otherwise pretty good.

Outside of my cibicle is a huge (6') crucifix and kneeler - I made use of it and did a lap on the rosary.

Crucified Christ gave me some glances reminicent of my south side bretheran -" Gee, had an Owwee Hickey? Well, too bad about you."

Yep. You can not hide.

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