Friday, February 27, 2015

Rahm to Chi Media ( Feder et al) - 'Match Me Sidney' Zippo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chicago is back. When Chuy Garcia yanked down Rahm's britches in public on Tuesday ( Feb. 24, 2015) after 7PM, Chicago came back.

The Media in Chicago is not up with the people. The media is the evolved PR man of old - the oily sneak Sidney Falco of the great film "Sweet Smell of Success"  Only the columnists are no longer the bullies demand that Sidney light their smokes - politicians, particularly Progressives like Rahm, Mike Quigley and Jan Schakowsky, are the new Hunsuckers(sic), or something like that.

Watch this clip, if you are unfamiliar with my context model.

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 Rahm whips it out and says!

Match me Sneed! Match me, Neil!  Match Me, Eric! Match Me, Mark!  Match Me Carol!

Robert Feder is now the Michael Sneed of the blogosphere. A feed source. 

Rahm's first act in this lates political blood tragedy was to phone WLS and get John Kass the Hell off of the Radio.  People listen to Kass; people read Kass; people believe Kass and theu do not believe Rahm any more than they believe that Governor Bruce Rauner is anything other than " NOT PAT QUINN."

So, Rahm ordered WLS AM ( Cumulus) to do a Rauner on Kass 24 hours after the people told Rahm - NO MAS!

Like long-necked geese, in that old Turkeybird tune, Chicago media creatures beg for crumbs and Rahm fed Robert Feder.Shameless Bob, it seems went all Sidney Sneed when Rahm offered the tasty morsel that Kass was cashiered.  

Image result for robert feder"John Kass and Lauren Cohn, who bridged the midmorning block between Big John Howell and Rush Limbaugh at WLS AM 890, have been cut from the Cumulus Media news/talk station.
No reason was cited for the move, but the two were told by WLS program bosses that they were finished after they got off the air Thursday. Their show aired from 9 to 11 a.m. Monday through Friday.(emphasis my own)"

Robert Feder fits Michael Sneed's Mumu nicely.Image result for michael sneed robert feder

Feder draws no conclusions, but draws the water.  

Bob Feder - Rahm is pissed and pulled a Rauner ( Dave McKinney?) on Kass.  That's it

Kass don't match.

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