Monday, March 02, 2015

For Accurate News and Honest Opinion in Chicago Ask a Cop . . .a Second City Cop

 When I was a little guy my Dad told me, "If you ever get lost, you probably won't, but, if it ever happens, find a cop."  I never did get lost, because where I grew up everyone kept an eye on kids, the elderly, the special needs people and  the confused.

The confused are special class of person.  Most confused people host shows on HBO, MSNBC,ABC, WTTW and work on editorial boards.

They are more to be pitied than censured.

The confused allow their kids to nurse until Sophomore year at Walter Payton Prep; wear capes and attend Organizing for Obama events.

Back in the day, little kids might get lost, but cops were everywhere walking the neighborhoods and parks. Back in the day, good people straightened out the confused with wise counsel - " Hey, don't wear that cape to school Eric/ It is whimsical but you will get you ass kicked at Kelly High School.  Also, don't tell people that you can make then disappear, we don't live at Grand and Ashland."

Today, the confused are free-range. Image result for emanuel and carol marin They hate cops and would never ask for help, much less admit a mistatkle- they know everything.

Like the polls ,they conduct and or use, they are almost universally wrong.  Today, the Chicago Sun Times tells us that Chuy and Rahm are in a dead-heat.  That losses me.  No way. So I turn to a cop - The Second City Cop -

We're just going to come right out and cheer for Chewie (sic). We'd rather see him founder for four years with a hostile City Council than have Rahm surgically destroy what we've paid into without fail for decades. Plus, if Rahm isn't here, Rauner is hamstrung on a lot of his big plans without his buddy. And on a national level, Chicago can make defeating Rahm a small gesture of contrition for helping screw the country with Obama.
If a poll is used by a newspaper, it must be tainted fruit of a poisoned tree.  Rahm says, "Get me some polls that tell everyone that while I am an A$$hole, I am willing to make the tough choice and get WLS to fire that Greek SOB John Kass and have the press ignore it like it's not at all like Rauner getting the Times to dump McKinney."

The Confused ( Trib/Times/WLS/WTTW/WBEZ & etc.) joyfully shout, "Yeeeowwzah, Mistah Rahm!"

So, there we have it.  If you think you're lost find a cop.

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