Thursday, March 05, 2015

Beltway Shocker: Could Rahm Really Lose? Yes, Yes He Can. This is Sunday After Mass Turkeybowl Tackle Football; not It's Academic Quiz Bowl

K-Streets Kreature and Fave Mayor -Rahm "Gimme 9.5" Emanuel is proving that Polls, Pundits and Progressive Platitudes have had their day.

Alex Isenstadt, no really that's the kid's name who wrote the piece on Rahm, Alex Isenstadt says

A runoff that was expected to be a slam dunk for Rahm Emanuel is turning out to be uncomfortably — even dangerously — close, leading the Chicago mayor to ready a scorched-earth offensive to save his job.
Recent polling shows the race between Emanuel and his unknown and underfunded rival, Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, has closed to within single digits. With local and national progressive groups lining up behind Garcia and promising to pour cash into the effort to deny Emanuel a second term, the mayor is suddenly scratching and clawing for his political existence.
Polling, Punditry and Progressive lollipops just in case Rahm does in fact lose can be unwrapped to sweet defeat like it was an in-the-tank victory all along.

Rahm is a Progressive's Progressive -a mean spirited, policy-over-people, power -grabbing plutocrat.

The fact that DeBlasi-oaffish cadres of former hippies and Fish fans opened offices in Chicago under the name of Chicago Forward has nothing to do with the crest of approval jetting Jesus 'Chuy" Garcia comfortably over Rahm's Corral Reef.  Chuy is ahead because Chicagoans are more concerned about their neighborhoods than fois gras on menus, bike paths, Divvy Bikes, Speed Camera Pick Pockets and Rahm's next national move,.  The only people making a Progressive case for Chuy are national web and print outlets and the three score TieDyed wearing Sixty Somethings trying to get medical majijuana licensing for their whole-grain outlet stores in Wicker Park.

Alex IsenstadtImage result for alex isenstadt. . . .wait a minute . . . .there . . . .sorry . . . Alex   Alex this is not Academic Quiz Bowl, this Chicago elecetion on April 7, 2015, It is No-$hit No Pads Tackle Football.  . . .more that later, sorry to interrrupt,   Alex Isenstadt went directly to the very sources that helped propel Rahm's Chicagoland in the first place to see just how Rahm might lose.
Emanuel’s progressive foes, sensing an opportunity, are rushing into the contest. A pair of liberal groups, Democracy for America and, are partnering on field efforts, and a third, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, is raising money for the cash-starved Garcia. Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, which has repeatedly clashed with Emanuel, said her group would also help out the challenger.
“He needs funding to make the case, and he needs boots on the ground to make the case,” she said.
Randi Weingarten?  Don't she live over-by the Jewels near Midway?

Alex, you are barking up the wrong tree in forest full of wrong trees, son! Rahm is what being Progressive is all about and only managed to get hiumself eleceted to office with help from Real political pros.  Progressives couldn't find a Chinaman on 22nd Street on a sunny day and if they did they'd ridicule his religion.  Progressives only win elections when Regular Ward Organizations do all the work.  That's the fact, Jack?

Alex, can you name Chuy Garcia's Campaign Manager?  Didn't think so. You think that this is some PBS Bill Moyers scripted conflict of mythical Progressives against Bosses.

Chicagoans are nice people - not stupid people. Progressives always forget that.  Ask the rank and file and the outgoing President of Amalgamated Transit Workers Local 308.

Chuy will be Mayor because Chicagoans are sick to death Rahm, Barack Obama, PBS, Editorial Boards, Dave Axelrod and having their wallets lifted at every turn the CTA makes.

This is a UW, son. Not Progressive v. Machine.

This Unconventional Guerrilla Warfare - Voters taking back their dignity and denying their past sins of commission ( voters for idiots like Durbin, Schakowsky, Quigley and Quinn in Illinois) and omission (saying 'What Difference Does it Make?")

This is not Birkenstock Warfare/Ben & Jerry Combat/MSNBC ALL In Tickle Fests - this Sunday After Mass No Pads Full Contact Catholic League Tackle Football Without Insurance.

Chuy!!!! . . . because Rahm Progressivisim is insipid.

Alex Isenstadt come on over sit on the porch with Joe, Doreen, Killer, Ignacio and Jan and me. Knock back a couple of domestics, fire up a Marlboro and we'll explain things to you and then order pizza from Vito and Nicks.

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