Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Jesus Garcia is the Peoples Choice

I am neither scientific nor particularly 'urbane.'  but a poll conducted by N'Digo that is 'not scientific' posts results that will harelip the Mayor and the Governor!   N'Digo warns that it is


Nevertheless, less-than cravenly urbane sophisticates can read N'Digo - free country and all. Rather. People took a poll and here are the results.

The Progressive soaked media want people ( I am a people) to believe that Chuy Garcia is going to beat the dance skins off of Rahm Emanuel come the Resurrection, because of Axelrodian Grassroots websites, Public Sector Unions and medicinal marijuana aficionados.  Not the case.

Chuy Garcia has the support of helots.  Us.  People. Folks with mortgages, paychecks looted by taxes before deposit, kids in school -Catholic schools - skilled trades union dues and the universal contempt and downright antipathy of the Progressive news meda.  We are people walking to the bus and L stops around Chicago wearing Thom McCanns from K-Mart that have been repeated soaked n urine by the likes of Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama, Pat Quinn, Dick Durbin, Richie Daley and their less lights and told it was due to Global Warming - Climate Change - the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District.

Basta Ya!  Enough already.

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