Saturday, March 07, 2015

Sophisticated Finances He Said? Here's What Bruce Rauner's Fellow Wine Sophisticate Said . . ."We Strongly Disagree!"

Every neighbor of mine in Chicago gets his finances rated.  Try getting a couple of buckeens from any bank, or Easy-Credit-Big VIG loan operation and wait with your two weeks of recent pay stubs, utility bills and bank statement without sweating blood while the loan officer checks in with TransUnion and the Twins to get your score.

Chicago has been governed by really sophisticated buccaneers supported by pie-chart policy looters like Ralph Martire and academic tweed nodders ever since Old Richard J. had that grabber in the Doc's office.

Here we are today, with Rahm peeing on our Thom McCann's and telling us it is soft tears of heaven moistening grass-roots with help from his wine guzzling compeer Gov. Bruce Rauner.

Bruce Rauner is Governor of Illinois because he is not Pat Quinn.

Now, The Two-Headed Coin Governor -'heads I win and heads Rahm wins' - tells the Tribune Tower of Babble that Chicago needs a financially sophisticated mayor - like Rahm.

Asked by reporters if it matters who is mayor, Rauner said voters should “look at who’s financially sophisticated to deal with the issues, who’s ready to stand up to…and fight for the taxpayers in the city and take on some of these government union power issues.”
Added Rauner: “The voters got to decide … but they better look at it 'cause Chicago financially is going down the drain.”

Emanuel has shown financial sophistication in his past private dealings with Rauner. During a lucrative stint in investment banking after leaving the Bill Clinton White House as a senior adviser, Emanuel was part of a deal that helped make hundreds of millions of dollars for Rauner’s equity investment firm. Emanuel also became a millionaire during his short time in investment banking.

Rauner’s urging of a mayor with “financial sophistication” is in line with the latest campaign tactic being used by Emanuel’s campaign to criticize Garcia, contending the challenger has lacked specifics in dealing with the city’s budget woes. But Emanuel also has offered little in the way of financial solutions, preferring instead to talk about his past four years.Image result for Sophisticated Winos

I am not a craven sophisticate with a heady wine subscription, but I know when I bollix-up my personal finances by liberally larding my pet urges and inclinations with cash.  In my unsophisticated accounting practices, I borrow what I can afford from savings, retirement and debtors with less humor than my own.  It works . . .so far.
  • the kids are Okay -schooled, clothed, healthy, happy and out of here
  • the mortgage and bills are paid . . .largely on time
  • no threats from collection
  • credit rating is good
  • had me a steak on Wednesday

I am doing better than City of Chicagoland - From The New American:

Within hours of Moody’s Investors Service announcing another downgrade to Chicago’s general obligation bonds last Friday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration responded, saying that Moody’s was out of touch with reality:
We strongly disagree with Moody’s decision to reduce the city’s credit rating and would note that Moody’s has been consistently and substantially out of step with the other rating agencies [Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings], ignoring progress that has been achieved.
At the moment those other two agencies rate Chicago’s debt at A-plus or A-minus, with a negative outlook. But in light of an imminent court ruling that could invalidate efforts to cut pension benefits, along with the crushing and increasing burden of those benefits, observers are just waiting for the next two shoes to drop.

Comment très sophistiqué de Vous , Bruce -Pass la Night Train Express '15 !

That'll do, Rahm.  Vote for Chuy, Neighbors. We can't afford sophisticated finanaces.


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