Friday, February 27, 2015

WLS Rauners for Rahm and Turns John Kass into Dave McKinney

WLS -AM the Wee 89 decide to clean hours 24 hours after Chicago decided to clean house.

“The Jonathon Brandmeier Show” will air from 9 to 11 a.m. Monday through Friday on the Cumulus Media news/talk station, starting sometime in March. It will replace John Kass and Lauren Cohn, whose final show aired on WLS Thursday.

Brandmeier ? *

Personnel aside, WLS is a Rahm Stooge and deathly afraid of change in Chicago political leadership.

John Kass and Lauren Cohn, who bridged the midmorning block between Big John Howell and Rush Limbaugh at WLS AM 890, have been cut from the Cumulus Media news/talk station.
No reason was cited for the move, but the two were told by WLS program bosses that they were finished after they got off the air Thursday. Their show aired from 9 to 11 a.m. Monday through Friday.
No Reason? Jesus, Feder are you that much of a lamb?  They are gone because Rahm is scared $hitless of John Kass!

Why else would it fire John Kass and Lauren Cohn - two voices for the neighborhoods detested by the Firfh Floor - Rahm Emanuel.

At Christmas Governor Rauner managed to get Chicago Sun Times lemmings on the editorial board to fire Dave McKinney.

The media harrumphed. Wine buyer partner, Rahm Emanuel loved Rauner's power play.

Twenty fours after Jesus Garcia handed Rahm his wafer-like rump in the election of the Century, Rahm managed to have WLS AM get rid of the only media icon in Chicago' media to tell the unvarnished truth about corruption and hypocrisy in our Progressive Chicago government ( it is progressive Nancy) and especially Highland Park's carpetbagging Mayor.

John Kass' voice must be heard.  We need a Voice of Chicago and not just a Sundance script.

Don't expect Chicago's media critics to rogue on Rahm.  There will be no 'investigative' follow-up.  BGA horse holder Andy Shaw?  Not a squeak.

Where is the immediate and smoking hot media outrage?

Kristen McQueary should be raged! Tim Novak should get out his investigative shovel and Chris Fusco a good Pick!

If I were a Progressive milquetoast like Eric Zorn or Neil Steinberg - better yet, a room temperature IQ like Carol Marin, I might say something like, 'This will have a Chilling Effect . . ."

I won't .  I was brought up right and managed to retain my dignity.

I'll say this in my south side Irish Spanglish - Enough!  Bastantes ya Cabrones! Basta Ya! Ya Basttards!

 Let's go Total Chicago . . . .Chuyistas!

Turn off WLS AM, WLS ABC. Watch NO Disney! Buy No Disney! Make Rahm Sweat!  Make Rauner wish he was Pat Quinn, right about now.  Heat their feet!

I am putting on my trail-dust coated sombrero and bandoleers until April 7th.

 Voy total de Bandit Norte y el Ejército repubican irlandés Flying ala Guerilla hasta que Jesús es el alcalde!

Basta Rahm!  Viva Chuy!  Viva Juan Kass!

* Wow, one has-been tool,Big John, followed by another.

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anonymous said...

Great piece Pat, spot on! I enjoyed the you tube clip, the dame was a hot number. Also your Spanglish is hilarious, still laughing. God Bless