Monday, February 09, 2015

U of C's John J. Mearschiemer Critic of Israel, Pal of Iran and Now Ukraine Crisis Molotov

Anyone who hates Israel, demands that Iran should get The Bomb and understands why Obama lie, naturally will want to sell the Ukrainian people back into slavery under Vlad Putin.

John J. Mearschiemer is a University of Chicago apologist for all things Valerie Jarrett.  Get this crapola from another rarefied air breathing professor -

Sending weapons to Ukraine will not rescue its army and will instead lead to an escalation in the fighting. Such a step is especially dangerous because Russia has thousands of nuclear weapons and is seeking to defend a vital strategic interest.
There is no question that Ukraine’s military is badly outgunned by the separatists, who have Russian troops and weapons on their side. Because the balance of power decisively favors Moscow, Washington would have to send large amounts of equipment for Ukraine’s army to have a fighting chance.
But the conflict will not end there. Russia would counter-escalate, taking away any temporary benefit Kiev might get from American arms. The authors of the think tank study concede this, noting that “even with enormous support from the West, the Ukrainian Army will not be able to defeat a determined attack by the Russian military.” In short, the United States cannot win an arms race with Russia over Ukraine and thereby ensure Russia’s defeat on the battlefield.

I can almost see that other fatuous ninny David Brooks with brow a-knit nodding his doughy noggin with amiable accent on the PBS News Hour -'Yes, yes,'

Obama has already sold out 
  • the American Middle Class 
  • African Americans Citizens
  • Black Youth in America
  • Mexican American Citizens
  • Organized Labor (sans public sector unions and SEIU)
  • the Syrians
  • the Libyans
  • the Egyptians
  • the Crimea
  • Fort Hood
  • Boston
  • Coptic Christians in particular
  • Christian universal
  • Israel
  • Jews universal
  • NATO
  • Nebraska
  • Chicago Obama Library bidders
  • Hillary Clinton
Vlad Putin a tin-horn bully who scares the poop out of Choom Gang Barry, was given a license to steal by President Obama and his White House.   Obama eco/petro fuel policies all but saved Putin from certain economic implosion.  

Valerie Jarrett, it seems, has called out her reliable academic shill John J. Mearsheimer to set the scenery for another dagger plunged in the back of the brave Ukrainian people. Obama and Putin dance to the same jig fiddled by George Soros - you must crack a few skulls to make brain salad.

Obama is a screw up.  He is a very calculated screw-up.  He listens only to a very few people. John J. Mearsheimer is one of them. 

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