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Chicago's Networked Activists Say, "Bring The Kids! The G-8 Riots Will Be Great!"

Your Bush 4 Defendants:GLN's Buddy Bell, Jeff Pickert, Kevin Clark and GLN's Andy Thayer will back for the G-8 Riots! Bring the Kids!

I have a dash above room temperature I.Q. - I think the tests were racist, or skewed against my cultural background. That said, I know that the media ignores whom they wish to ignore.

Pit bulls like Tim Novak of the Chicago Sun Times will dig their incisors into the rumps of 'bullet-proof' kin to powerful politicians. That is all good. Tim Novak is the absolute best and most honest of newsmen. He is interested in getting to the root causes of corruption. Novak is on the Daley/Davis real estate bonanza, as well as other crimes and misdemeanors of the nepotists.

However, no Chicago journalist ever bothers to connect the dots on the thick network of activists whose fibers form a Gordian knot of lucrative activism via academia, 501 (c) 3's, radical terrorism, public service PACs like SEIU, the media, lawsuit lotto lawyers, Brahmin agendas: Gay, Anti-War, Hamas, Cop Brutality (real and mostly imagined, Poverty Pimping, and tax-increase legislation.

Kevin Clark - a leader of the highly dicey International Solidarity Movement is also a Gay Liberation Activist who happens to work closely with self-proclaimed Catholic Anti-war activists, Hamas, and was the man who helped guide the late Rachel Corrie into the path of an Israeli Defence Force bulldozer. Clark led suits and protests against Peoria based Caterpillar for building bulldozers. Clark also spearheaded the Gaza Flotilla activism and the attack on Cardinal George one Easter Sunday a few years ago again using kids to do his work -Catholic Schoolgirls Against the War.

Then there is the ubiquitous Andy Thayer whose commercial challenged young would be Bolsheviks with his Thee You in the Threeth before blocking traffic and getting the challenged arrethted. That great Marilyn Katz-like video and so many others have been scrubbed on You Tube. You may remember it from 2003, a parade of earnest radicals in motorcycle helmets urged us all to See Them in the Street. Wasn't that a time, to paraphrase the Methuselah of Red Pete Seeger? Well here's activist Andy:

Andy, like the smarmy Clark, happens to be a Gay Liberation Activist which is nice, but he also works with Lawsuit Lotto Lawyer Jon Loevy who has made millions of dollars bringing suit against any and all law enforcement for any reason.

There also a parade of feminists nuns who shill for abortion and manage to wheedle money under the guise of charity who help the activists get gigs with Ariana Huffington, face time on WTTW and a pass from breaking the laws.

SEIU Joe Iosbaker has had a year of playing at Haymarket Martyr thanks to an FBI raid over his labors on behalf of Hamas. Joe wants Chicagoans to think of the G-* summit as a latter-day Republic Steel picnic (1937). Bring the kids in strollers and maybe the Bulls, not the team, but the old-timey Red handle for cops, will light up a few babies, when provoked by the Soul-Patched Knit-Hat Che T-shirt dweebs. " Cool Bix! Light the tires under Viaduct! Seatle!"

I believe ex- Professor Dave Protess has the bus wheel marks all over the back of his Brooks Brothers Oxford shirt, more because he shed light on the network of wealthy radical enterprises - I wonder way Professor of Law and Can't Practice Law NU's Bernardin Dohrn, who took a trip to Eygpt in solidarity just before the Gaza Flotilla disaster and the soapy Arab Spring, has not stood in solidarity with the Fagin of the Innocence Project? I know Chicago's supine media is not wondering the same thing.

The same clowns and posers, Andy, Kev, Joe, Sister Mary Forceps and their familiars, are there when trouble gets planned and never called on it.

The same geniuses vet our elected officials from White House on down to Commissioner of Side-walk safety.

Chicago activist Joe Iosbaker, who helped organize the RNC protests in 2008 and whose home was raided by FBI agents last October, said he applied for permits to hold demonstrations in Daley Plaza and Federal Plaza downtown the day the White House announced the city would host the summits.

So far, he has not heard anything about the status of the permits from the county about using Daley Plaza or the agency that controls Federal Plaza. City officials also have said organizers will not be able to apply for a permit for a planned march through the city until the first of the year, Iosbaker said.

“They told me they would get back to me in two weeks to let me know at least that we were in the process of getting the permit,” Iosbaker said. “That was nine weeks ago.”

Local activist Andy Thayer said demonstrations will be peaceful, despite a recent statement by police Superintendent Garry McCarthy that the department is preparing for “mass arrests” of protesters during the summit.

The remarks were especially galling given Chicago's mixed history of dealing with large demonstrations, Thayer said. Police in 2003 arrested about 900 people who marched to protest the start of the Iraq war, with some protesters held for up to 36 hours. The arrests prompted a class-action lawsuit, Thayer said.

“Statements like that from McCarthy have a chilling effect,” he said. “The city has a history of attacks on civil rights.”

Iosbaker noted that events like the G8 and World Trade Organization summits have seen some violence in their host cities. Iosbaker attributed the clashes to aggressive police, and said his group is planning to do nothing to disrupt the city or the conferences.

“What we want is a safe, permitted, legal protest,” Iosbaker said. “Something that parents feel safe bringing their babies in strollers to, and we want our voice to be heard.”

Should be a great outing for the whole family,Joe. Let us know how that all works out.

Chicago IndyMedia is a great place to see all these folks in a very postive light. Doing so would put me off my feed, but that's just me.
Kevin Clark--ISM/SUSTAIN interview in 2 partsAuthor
Rita Sand
Date Created
12 Apr 2003
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12 Apr 2003 10:13:27 PM
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Kevin Clark recently returned to Chicago from serving as a human shield in the Israeli occupied territories as part of the International Solidarity Movement. In light of the killing of ISM member Rachel Corrie of Washington State, the shootings Brian Avery from New Mexico and Tom Hurndall of Great Britain, Clark describes daily life in Palestine and the brutality and dangers that Palestinians and ISM workers face every day. (article 2)
Andy Thayer is co-founder of the Gay Liberation Network (, a Chicago-based LGBT direct action group which has been a local leader in gay rights, anti-police brutality and anti-war organizing. As a leader in the local anti-war movement, he's helped organize most of the city's large anti-war protests for the last several years, including a march of 15,000 on Lake Shore Drive at the start of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. He's been arrested numerous times in various protests and was recently found not guilty of two felony counts from a January 2008 protest against the Chicago visit of President Bush. Last May he was among 30 LGBT activists arrested in the 4th annual gay pride demonstration in Moscow, Russia.

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