Monday, August 15, 2011

Get Your Fat Ass Out of Church! Nutrition, Progressive Nanny State Goats and the Need for Speed

My Considered, Albeit Unscientific, Retort to a Progressive's Research on my Nutritional Lifestyle, at North Ave. Beach on Recent Sunny Day in the Company of a Woman I Love.

A new study has found that young adults who frequently attend religious activities are 50 percent more likely to become obese by middle age compared with those who don’t take part in any religious events. Chicago Sun Times Stephano Esposito March 25, 2011

Again, when men commence an undertaking, they always are prepared to show that the absolute necessities of the world demanded its completion . . . ( think of High Speed Rails between Peotone and Custer Park; Fois Gras Bans, Reversing the Chicago River, Homosexual Puppets and Personalities on PBS for Toddlers, Eating only the Foods We Say One May ) . . . One or other of these points at least is incontrovertible: the public wants a thing, therefore it is supplied with it; or the public is supplied with a thing, therefore it wants it. William Makepeace Thackeray The Book of Snobs: Parenthetical contemporary commentary my own.

Thus, it was in the waning days of Regency England and the Advent of Victoria Regina and so remains in this our Progressive America - the one cork screwed into the loam by the forced free mortgages crafted by Barney Frank and Fannie Mae; The TARP magic that averted a debt crisis unprecedented until the one bubbling up around our butts; the Federal Platform for Planned Parenthood's American Abortion Industry; Public Schools; Gay Marriage and Civil Unions; Our On-going Op-ed Obesity Kristallnacht.

Once the Public is Force Fed, the public is sated. Now, to the War on Lardasses!

Sunday's Chicago Sun Times offered another heaping plateful of juicy caveats with regard to our fat co-workers and group health insurance. Incentives for Healthy Lifetsyles encouraging comrades of the workforce to exercise and forgo the cheese melt sandwiches from the roach coach and canteen vending machines. Likewise, educational cheerleading about nutritional foods that are actually medicine is offered in which one man of science and math from the research organization offering the morning's portion shouts this!

“The IFIC defines functional foods as “foods or food components that may provide benefits beyond basic nutrition.”

People are 1,000 percent more conscious of the fact that food can act as medicine and help prevent lots of diseases,” says Jean Carper, author of several best-selling books about functional food."
Well, how about that for science, Fat Boy! That's 10 times the 100% in your CPA scribblings. Just like them dead polar bears floating snouts to the globally fatal sun, we got us some science!

Why, only last March, The Sun Times proved with equally impressive lab-coat certainty that going to Christian Church, not a Mosque mind you, added unsightly and probably breeder poundage.

Check out this opening sentence!

We don’t know why frequent religious participation is associated with development of obesity, but the upshot of these findings highlight a group that could benefit from targeted efforts at obesity prevention,” said Matthew Feinstein, the study’s lead investigator and a fourth-year student at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. “It’s possible that getting together once a week and associating good works and happiness with eating unhealthy foods could lead to the development of habits that are associated with greater body weight and obesity.”

The study tracked 2,433 young men and women for 18 years in Chicago, Minneapolis, Birmingham, Ala., and Oakland, Calif.

In the study, “frequent” religious participation meant attending at least one event per week. Most, but not all of the participants, were Christians — reflecting the dominant religion in the United States, Feinstein said.

The natural huffing and puffing that follows Evangelical Trencherman Tom as we waddles out of the corporate cubicle to the snack canteen, inspite of the fact that Tubby Tom heaps profits to the shareholders by dint of his talents for investment, gets on the nerves of his svelt bicycling vegan atheist compeers who have the ear of the Boardroom, though they do but little corporate good. You see Tubby Tom munches and works, while his svelt peers preach Progressive memes all shift and beyond.

Our Progressive Lard Snobs have a smorgasbord of 'scientific' Gobble-Dee-Gook from which to pile it on the people that they want to vacate their Green Planet. One such bucket of thought-lard is Announce a crisis and get back-up for Crisis Management.

Smokers, Breeders, Church-goers, and Tubbies had better watch out and better not cry. Stay out of Church, drop that 'Baccy, March or Die!

The media helped us into our economic swamp by offering clarion calls for the raising of debt, the bad mortgage give-aways and the Civil Rights of homosexual intercourse, free health insurance and in no time at all High Speed Rails that will ban transporting Fat Asses.

From the good Folks at for our Too-Lazy-By-Half young journolistas and all of us affable dopes who find it a strain to work on common sense Your Fat-Ass Research on Health and Nutrition Clearing House

The Endocrine Society

The Endocrine Society is an international body with more than 14,000 members from over 80 countries. The Society is the world’s largest and most active professional organization of endocrinologists in the world. Founded in 1916, the Society is internationally known as the leading source of state-of-the-art research and clinical advancements in endocrinology and metabolism. The Endocrine Society is dedicated to promoting excellence in research, education and clinical practice in the field of endocrinology. In addition, the Society works to disseminate new knowledge leading to the prevention, treatment and cure of disease. The Endocrine Society also serves as an advocate for fundamental and clinical research and the practice of endocrinology.

The Hormone Foundation

The Hormone Foundation, the public education affiliate of The Endocrine Society, is a leading source for hormone-related information for the public, physicians, and allied health professionals through its public education campaigns, Web site, forums, toll-free number, and free literature. The Foundation has developed educational materials on menopause, pituitary imbalances, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), testosterone and men’s health, and is currently developing programs on hormone abuse, prostate disease, obesity, childhood (pediatric) obesity, metabolic syndrome, thyroid disease, and osteoporosis.

The Endocrine Society and The Hormone Foundation are dedicated to helping reporters accurately cover all areas of endocrinology. The staff of both organizations strives to help reporters locate the latest endocrine research as well as experts in all areas of endocrinology

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