Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On Wisconsin: Sit Down, Drop the Drums, Have Nice Cup of Tea

Our Progressive Americans

John Kass has another wonderful fable that sums up DNC ( I will not say Democrats, as I remain, along with nearly all of my neighbors, a Democrat)Grassroots/Planned Parenthood/SEIU/Daily Kos/Progressive political sensibilities. It is a scatological far . . .heart warming juxtaposition of Greek workingman sensibility when confronted with bovine leavings as rhetorical conceits. Click my post title, do, for Gianni Kass' fable.

Within the context of the fable lies an observation not lost on helot Democrats and most Americans concerning the villainizing of the Tea Party and those not hugging the Progressive group-think.

A year or so ago, the grass-roots tea party conservatives were just called weird. When weird didn't work, they were called crazy. When crazy didn't work, they were called racists.

All the donkeys making noise because the tea party doesn't want the government to grope you at airports or spend your money? Amazing.
John Kass Chicago Tribune

John Kerry's recent spiel on Sunday chat shows identifying the Economic Disaster that is Progressive dilettante control of the National Democratic Party sparked John Kass to remonstrate the voice of meme David Axelrod.

Axelrod jumped the shark in making a handsome, affable mixed race back-bench Illinois State legislator a national darling and eventually President of the United States. Since the inauguration of our 44th President, things have not gone all too well for the Nation and the President.

President Obama does teaching moments, American Exceptionalism apologies, accepts Nobel Prizes, vacations, parties, snaps a good salute, and takes credit for the Navy Seal with his finger on the trigger and a Somali pirate, or Islamist madman in his crosshairs, pretty well.

Other than that, not so hot.

President Obama and the DNC are very good at crafting enemies - us; well me anyway. Shoot, I'm harmless. I do self-inflicted mayhem.

President Obama's folks make war on States: Arizona and Alabama for being mean to illegals and Wisconsin and New Jersey for being mean to Teachers Unions, AFCSME, and especially SEIU.

Wisconsin in particular got the full Axelrod. All through the waning winter, Morbidly obese Progressives Big Ed Schultz and Michael Moore led the kids who missed the 1960s, but saw the PBS and History Channel shows on the 60's into exercises of painlessly obnoxious antics in Madison, Wisconsin. I say painlessly obnoxious because the later-day Trotskyites avoid whacks on the fannies, let alone saber cuts from Cossacks in Law Enforcement.

Bongos and Gongs and Drums of all nomenclature were Gene Kruppa'd by dweebs under the Capital Rotunda in Madison. MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS and Journolistas did a months long Spanish Civil War reenactment, until their little arms got tired.

Then the RECALL!!!!!!!!! Not of the Democratic mopes who fled the State for an extended Illinois vacation, but the GOP reps who actually worked for their constituents.


MILWAUKEE -- Democrats failed to gain control of the Wisconsin Senate, winning two seats Tuesday but losing four races to Republican incumbents in recall elections that both sides said are a precursor to next year's fight for the White House and Congress.

Two of the six seats contested went to Democrats, but the most obnoxious and almost surrealistic goof in the half dozen Nancy Nusbaum was clobbered.

A union coalition, We Are Wisconsin, used former Green Bay Packers player Gilbert Brown in a last-minute calling campaign urging voters to defeat 24-year Republican Sen. Robert Cowles. Cowles had nearly 60 percent of the vote, defeating former De Pere Mayor and Brown County Executive Nancy Nusbaum..

Nancy Nusbaum, and "Ain't She Great-er*" in the mold of IL Rep. Jan Schakowsky, had two at bats in the Cheese State -one for the Supreme Court and one for the legislature. Nancy 0; Wisconsin 2.

Illinois goofiest Congress critter Schakwosky also took a whack between the eyes with an electoral two-by-four:

Underscoring the national implications, U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky of Chicago, a member of the House Democratic leadership, traveled to Pasch's campaign headquarters Tuesday, where the two exchanged hugs. Schakowsky and some of her political workers were assisting in getting voters to the polls.

Hugs are good, but from Jan?

Sandy Pasch got bashed -

The last race was one of the highest-spending, in the north Milwaukee suburbs, where Democratic state Rep. Sandy Pasch fell to Sen. Alberta Darling, a 19-year incumbent. Darling, co-chair of the Legislature's budget-writing panel, was a key target for unions.

The Progressive who can not win friends and influence others, generally gets a lawyer and sues their asses. If Progressives lose a referendum, or election, like the Gay Marriage BS in California, or the great hanging chads of Florida, they grease in a friendly Federal Judge, or go to court for a recount. I expect the Progressive army of ambulance chasers will pick up some dough, following the road killing in Wisconsin.

If Wisconsin is the national barometer that clown opera MSNBC and dirigible Michael Moore bray it to be, looks to me, like its time for some Tea.,0,7741550.story

* Ain't He/She Greaters in Illinois Politics ( usually placed into elected office by vacancies or chicaneries -no opponent on the ballot and generally have acreers due to PAC influence and Shakman friendly clout:

Forrest Claypool
Mike Quigley
Sheila Simon
Jan Schakowsky