Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Contractor Eddie Carroll Explains 'Old World Craftsmanship' to My Sophisticated Lady

This weekend I had the pleasure to introduce the woman I love to an old and dear friend. I had been telling the elegant, dainty and sophisticated lady of roofing contractor, wit and roué Eddie Carroll these past three years and she became doubtful of this worthy's corporeal existence.

" We have yet to meet this Mr. Carroll of whom you speak so glowingly. I believe that he is a creation of your fictive turn of mind," the miniature Jennifer Jones charged.

" Honest Injun, Eddie is all too real," I protested. As luck would have it, I noticed Mr. Carroll entering the happy portals of Keegan's Pub on Western Avenue, following a surprise party we attended Saturday afternoon. I obeyed the laws of traffic and courtesy and safely made the necessary turns for a return to the aforenamed past premisis.

Eddie Carroll greeted our entry with his customary largess ( "Bridget, get Hickey and this good-looking woman anything they want and get a round for the house!") and warmth. My Lady and I and the other guy in the bar enjoyed a refreshing beverage thanks to Eddie Carroll.

We caught up and my lady friend was enchanted. Eddie's broad interests and dapper turns of phrase melted away her doubts concerning the good man's worth and existence on this our planet earth. Matters sundry and sublime filled the afternoon air as the liquid quantities in the flowing bowls vanished.

The elegant Miss Sullivan asked Eddie about his Company's tag-line - "Old World Craftsmanship."

Eddie Carroll explained, " I hire only foreigners, salt-water Irish and other DPs ( Displaced Persons in the now politically incorrect sobriquet). Here's an example. Last week I was inspecting an interior rehab job. I do mostly roofing, but also some home refurnishing. Two of Hickey's third cousins from Kerry work for me.

The Two Turkeybirds are hammering floorboards down in a house. Eamonn picks up a nail, determines it’s upside down & throws it away

He carries on doing this until Ownie Brosnan says, 'Why are yer throwing them away?'

'Because they’re upside down,' says Eamonn.

'Fur #$%^'s Sakes! Ye daft prated Ejit,” shouts Ownie, “save ‘em for the ceiling!!'

'Aye, . . . and so,' says Eamonn

Old World Craftsmanship, my dear."

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