Friday, August 19, 2011

Molly's Cool Lemonade Should Warm the Heart from The Beverly Review

The Beverly Review covers the communities of Beverly,West Beverly, Morgan Park and Mount Greenwood. Published and owned by the Olszewski Family this gem of a paper reports on actual news and offers commentary rooted in the events reported. With writers like Patrick Thomas and Caroline Connors the Beverly Review offers a balanced assessment on events, activities and issues that actualy impact on people.

This week The Beverly Review offers a sweet pallate cleanser about the Gallagher children of St. John Fisher Parish in West Beverly. The older brothers and sisters of Molly Gallagher who was born with Down Syndrome wanted to give their baby sister a real gift of themselves. They sold brownies and lemonade and took the proceeds to benefit Misericordi which helps families care for special needs children.

Caroline Connors presents a solid report. The report refects the love of Life itself and gift of our most precious ones.

Here is a sample.

When Molly Gallagher’s siblings decided to celebrate their baby sister’s first birthday in 2009 with a lemonade stand for charity, Bridget, Patrick and Danny had no idea they were on to something so big.

It seems there were a lot of people in Beverly eager to join in their celebration for Molly, who was born with Down syndrome, and also support Misericordia Heart of Mercy, an organization that supports children and adults with developmental disabilities through residential services, community employment and education.

“The kids wanted to do something special for Molly’s birthday,” said Molly’s mother, Margie Gallagher, of Beverly. “We ended up raising $250 for Misericordia by selling lemonade, some freeze pops and a batch of brownies my neighbor baked. We were thrilled.”

In true Beverly fashion, word of the lemonade stand spread like wildfire, and the following year the Gallaghers decided to host the lemonade stand again under a tent in the courtyard behind St. John Fisher Roman Catholic Church.

Held after 10 a.m. Sunday Mass at St. John Fisher, the 2010 lemonade stand was dedicated to Luke Howley, the son of local couple Jim and Christine Howley, whose life was lost in utero from heart issues caused by Down syndrome.

Life is all about others. The gift to Molly by the Gallagher kids is dedicated to someone else.

God bless the Gallaghers and God bless the talented young people of the Beverly Review.

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