Wednesday, August 17, 2011

President Fears a Lindy?

"Okay, Lindy; now. are you now, or have you ever been 'disgruntled?' I'll take that as a 'No.' Now, how did your pants get the mumps?"

Washington - US President Barack Obama said on Tuesday that a "lone wolf" terror attack in the US is more likely than a major co-ordinated effort like the September 11 attacks nearly a decade ago.... Asked if Americans do not have to worry about a nuclear or radiological attack or some other "spectacular" event, Obama said: "Look, as president of the United States, I worry about all of it.

"But I think the most likely scenario that we have to guard against right now ends up being more of a lone wolf operation than a large, well-co-ordinated terrorist attack.

Presidents used to fret about Fascist Italy, Germany, Imperial Japan, the Soviet Russian led monolithic Communists of Red China, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia and later Islamist Hamas, Al Queda and the network of the Islamic Brotherhood. Pish Posh.

The assault on America by Islamist terrorists from Eygpt, Saudi Arabia and the Emerites on 9/11 after flying lessons in Florida and ATM privileges around the nation, notwithstanding; America faces a far great challenge from the disgruntled.

The disgruntled, formerly US Postal Workers, can be found cutting in line at County Fair Foods, drinking your beer glass's bottom slimes while you hit the jakes at Keegan's Pub, or predicting the flight of pigeons, bumbles bees, the wakes of Asian Carp in loud voices at CTA bus terminals all over Chicago.

The disgruntled are our home grown threat. Your dog got out while you were at work and dropped a load on his lawn. You made eye contact with her and nodded a smiling 'Good Morning' -"You DON't KNOW Me!"

Our President is unprecedented. In order to stop illegal immigration, President Obama sics Eric Holder on border states. In order to finally kill Bin Laden, he makes his unprecedented Middle East apology tour and makes nice with the Brotherhood who are burning Christian churches in Eygpt, Iraq and elsewhere. In order to create jobs for folks, President Obama's folks call the working folks at Tea Party rallies domestic terrorists. Unprecedented.

America voted for Change in 2008. We have that Change and change. Unlike other Presidents who daffily identified concerted and coordinated threats upon our Nation's safety and welfare, President Obama identifies the 'Lone Wolf' threat. The disgruntled, or perhaps that kid who saw one too many Harry Potter and Matrix movies.

I wonder if America's Lone Wolf , Slim, Lucky Lindy, Oberst Charles Augustus Linbergh, Luftwaffe Commander Cross and Order of the German Eagle was more of threat to America than we give him credit for? He had a gassed up plane with a dubious flight plan. He landed in foreign nation -France. Did Lindy have his passport on him? He later ditched France for Gemütlichkeit with gents like Ernst Heinkel, Adolf Baeumaker and Dr. Willy Messerschmitt, and Ace Hermann Göring.

Lindy was a huge fan of Planned Parenthood, a singularly vile anti-Semite, and Old Joe Kennedy's acolyte for making nice with the Third Reich.

Naw, the Lone Wolf was a Progressive.

A threat to America probably watches Fox, can't find work, goes to Church, owns a hunting rifle, would get patted down by TSA if he/she could afford to go anywhere, and waits in line at County Fair Foods.

Yep, them folks need to have Janet Napolitano's eyes on them. They are.

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