Friday, August 19, 2011

Secret Service Chalk Talk: Let's Avoid Another Altoona Melt- No Bowling in Martha's Vineyard

All the signs suggest that Obama is in immediate danger of a rabbit attack. It would ruin what's left of his presidency.A Rabbit? Nay, a bowling alley could be President Obama's Altoona Redux; far worse Kass Old Man. I expect the heroic agents of the Secret Service anticipate every possible horror. Thus

Secret Service Field Agent Supervisor Terry Mueller's-Martha's Vineyard Chalk Talk last week:

Agents,Grab a knee - Anticipate, Agents, Vigilance and Courtesy always, but anticipate. Tim McCarthy's split second spread eagle save President Reagan. McCarthy anticipated. He watched, but it was his anticipation that did the trick.

Renegade and Renaissance and the kids are enjoying Presidential Vacation # 61 (on the books)at Blue Heron Farm in Martha's Vineyard.

In 2008, on his own hook Renegade had near tragic event in Altoona PA. Watch carefully:

It makes a grown man shudder. He was a candidate then, but Renegade is the President Now.

We are the only shield he has.

Anticipate! Do not allow Renegade to be invited to, flattered, or challenged into any of the fine Brunswick equipped Family Amusement Centers on any of the Cape Cod or adjacent landfall. Quash any and all suggestions to visit

Leary Family Amusements in Falmouth; Ryan's Family Amusements in Buzzard's Bay; Bowlmor in Mattpoisett and for the Love of God avoid Oak Bluffs' historic bowling alley and the handy Brunswick Cinebowl in Derry City.

Anticipate! If Presidential fiat overwhelms you, agents, stand down now. Take your time coming and go on vacation.

Worst case - throw yourself between the President's bowling ball and the gutter. Tim McCarthy would do no less.

Be careful, be vigilant and for God's sake anticipate. Let's all get home to our families and above all keep the President off of cable news.

Any questions?

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