Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Chicago River Bridge Assassin - Dressed to Kill in Chicago's Thug Comfort Zone: Every Girl Crazy 'Bout a Sharp Dressed Man!

Clean shirt, new shoes
And I don't know where I am goin' to.
Silk suit,black tie,
I don't need a reason why.
They come runnin' just as fast as they can
Coz' every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man.
ZZ Top

The gunman was described as black with a thin build and short Afro, wearing a light blue dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and black shorts. He also may have worn a raincoat. Police said they found a shell casing and a backpack believed to belong to the gunman.

Gary Reidy was eating at the Smith & Wollensky steakhouse nearby when he thought he heard a car backfiring but later learned it was gunfire. "You don't expect this kind of thing on a Monday afternoon in downtown Chicago," he said.

Carl Burson Jr., 32, was on his way to a movie. "This is not a war zone, this is downtown Chicago," Burson said. "We don't do that down here."
Chicago Tribune

A brace of points:

1. The mope shooter "was described as black with a thin build and short Afro, wearing a light blue dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and black shorts." Not exactly an Adolph Menjou and certainly hardly a blend-in set of habiliments. Blue Dress Shirt and Black Shorts with a Raincoat?

2. "This us not a war zone, this is downtown Chicago. We don't do that down here."

What do you mean We, Carl? This is and has been a Thug Comfort Zone. Imagine, if a cop had premptively stopped our Beau Brummel with the Nine just short of his victim. The Tribune, reporting on this shooting, would have a full-force editorial war on the individual police officer with Jon Loevy, G. Flint Taylor and Locke Bowman standing ramrod straight like scowling, four-eyed Chinese-triplets in front of ninety microphones and hundreds of notepads bringing suit against the City, the police officer, Brooks Brothers, ZZ Top and GQ for Fashion Racism.

This one man Clown Posse shot and intended to kill, because he can -not could - anywhere, anytime and anyone. Not downtown? Really?

This ain't no movie, Carl.


K T Cat said...

I haven't seen that video in a long, long time. Now that I watch it again, that little roadster comes off as a clown car. It's tiny and the chicks just keep pouring out of it!


pathickey said...

I admire the synchronized point of approval from this trio of dashing gents.

K T Cat said...

Back in the day, I had a ZZ key chain just like the guys use in this video. The ZZ was made of pot metal and broke within a year. A few years later, going back and listening to the album again, I noted that the rhythm line is exactly the same in all of the songs, much like Disco.

I still like it, though.