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Catholic Hierachy's Gay Cabal-leros of Miami - A Sickening Tale of Hypocrisy within and outside of The Church

John Favalora, the Archbishop Emeritus of Miami. The Lavender Mafia's Don.

Jim Bowman is a Catholic journalist and one-time Religion writer for the Chicago Daily News. Mr. Bowman runs a blog called Blithe Spirit and it is a singularly well-written and genteel site. Jim Bowman is a gentleman.

Jim Bowman posted an investigation of recently conducted and reported on the Homosexual networking through the Miami Archdiocese.

The Priest-Sex Scandal raised the issue of homosexuality within the ordained clergy and immediately that aspect was smothered. The meme for any further discussion within the Church and by the media turned to - pedophilia has nothing to do with homosexuality. Likewise, we should all consider winter as a season without mentioning temperatures below thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit and never, ever mention snow.

The priest pedophile scandal was handled miserably by the Catholic bishops of America and continues to be the talking point for homosexual marriage, adoption, banquet hall selection and insurance matters. Any and all questioning of the legality of Civil Unions, much less Same-sex marriage arouses a ready chorus of Eumenides screeching,'The Church that rapes little boys!' End of discussion.

I imagine that too many bishops turned a blind eye on homosexual activities in American seminaries, in order to maintain class-sizes for ordination, in much the same way as a bar owner in a lousy neighborhood tolerates bust-outs and slobs spitting on the floors. Got to keep the bar stools covered.

Jim Bowman, like most Catholics, is completely appalled by the pedophile scandal and the cover-ups that played into the hands of anti-Catholic Planned Parenthood, Gay activists, political hacks, and ambulance chasing lawyers like Jeffery Anderson the legal genius who unofficially operates SNAP.

Jim, linked a thoroughly disgusting saga of the homosexual subculture operated with the blessings and participation of Miami Archbishop Emeritus John C. Favalora:

Here are just some of the un-Catholic behaviors that "Miami Vice" accuses Favalora of engaging in: He partially owned a company that manufactured Yohimbe, an aphrodisiac beverage marketed to horny club-kids with the promise of "the hands-down best sex of your life." He allegedly took frequent trips to fabulous Key West with his gay associates. He was over-familiar toward his seminarians. (One ex-employee of the diocese recalls him telling a young seminarian at a gathering to "Come to papa and sit on my lap.") Favalora's second- and third-in-command, Monsignor William Hennessey and Monsignor Michael Souckar, are both accused by Christefidelis of being active homosexuals—and if they are, that counts among the least of their difficulties with Catholic orthodoxy.

In fact, the Archdiocese was a hotbed of sodomy long before Favalora set foot in Florida. Two unrelated sources, both priests, speak of a flamboyantly gay bishop in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, named Miguel Rodriguez Rodriguez, who was known to his pupils as "Lili." These sources claim that during the 1970s and 80's, Lili treated Arecibo like his own personal harem, urging cute young men into the priesthood and plying them with gifts and money in exchange for sexual favors. Rome allegedly interceded in 1990 and banished Lili to a secluded monastery, where he remained until his death 20 years later. Several of Lili's erstwhile pupils landed in Miami in the 80's and 90's. Naturally, they were disinclined to take their celibacy oaths too seriously.

Priests speak, too, about the culture of "sex-driven favoritism" at St. John Vianney College Seminary—a kind of gay Hogwarts with palm trees, located out in the flat suburban wastes of southwest Dade County. Seminaries are traditionally gay places—Papist wits refer to Notre Dame seminary as "Notre Flame," Theological College as "Theological Closet," Mundelein as "Pink Palace," and so on. But St. John Vianney was special. One seminarian who dropped out in disgust in the 1980s recalls a miserable year being bullied by gay faculty, and the rector, Robert Lynch, fawning over his favorite seminarian: an attractive upper-classman named Steven O'Hala. The dropout also recalls Lynch installing a camera in the seminary's weight room to capture images of pumped, sweaty seminarians. (He is now a minister in a liberal Christian denomination, and says he has no beef with gay people.)

I know of no Catholic who has a beef with gay people. There are some, I am sure, but I do not travel in such company. Likewise, I try to stay on the other side of the street when I see a pack of Progressives. I have yet to meet one Progressive who would give a penny to a starving blind girl - that child should not have been born, or can just wait until a government agency can pass her the gruel.

Click my post title and read the entire disturbing piece. Manya Brachear, or the ever daffy Cathleen Falsani, will not step into these waters.

Thank's Jim! Maybe someday real journalists will be given pay checks again.

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