Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gabby Obama's Real Genuine Arab America!

Ladies and Gentlemen, The President:

Like so many faiths, Islam has always been part of our American family, and Muslim Americans have long contributed to the strength and character of our country, in all walks of life.

Well, Folks round about here in Illinois, where I come from, after Hawaii and that's all, folks like to recall the Old Frail Splitter - Abe Amir lived over to Kaskaskia along the Mighty Mississppi -Father of Waters, the Gathering of Waters, Big River, Old Man River, the Great River, the Body of a Nation, the Mighty Mississippi, el Grande (de Soto), the Muddy Mississippi, Old Blue and Moon River..

Yes, Sir Old Abe -short for Ibraihaim Ibn Ben Swallee Amir - settled in right 'round the Blackhawk War in '32 and darnation if'n he wouldn't take that big ol' long curved hunting saber and spilt Hussies, Jezebels, Jades and Bawds from the Gums to the Gams. Nary a gal yup to some funnin' anywhar 'bouts Kaskaskia. Why to this day Kaskaskia only numbers the fingers of one-armed thief in Bahgdad. Proud Heritage!

Well, Sir, in about Ohhhhhh,'49, Ol' Abe packed up the Tribe an' headed West, cross the Mississippi with thoughts of making camp beyond the High Lonesome -the Rockies. Maybe, get a pipe-tabaccy business or maybe peddle some pelts.

Long about the Colaradda, Pawnee and Sioux began makin; medicine -bad medicine. The Ol' Frail Splitter warn't used to hackin' and scrappin' regular Injun fashion and didn't cotton to ways of the Blue Coat Crusaders.

W'alp, Ol' Abe strapped on a big ol'keg of black powder, lit him a big Ol'Fuse an' went a chargin' into them Red Devils.

Yep, proud heritage - made its mark and an awful big hole twixt the Miss and the Rockies. You folks call it the Grand Canyon -folks will callit جراند كانيون! Jus' wait a spell.

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