Tuesday, August 30, 2011

President Obama Declares Chicago's St. Xavier University -" A Secular School"

SEIU, like Planned Parenthood, paid good money for this President and he , by God, Delivers! President Obama has his NLRB guys out counting nuns - St. Xavier on 10rd Street in Mount Greenwood didn't have enough Hoods on the Board. Ergo, The Cougars* *ain't CatLick.

St. Xavier University was founded in 1846, the oldest Catholic school in Illinois. Its corporate member is a Catholic body with the "powers for the governance of" St. Xavier, that "links the University to the [Catholic] Church and makes it an officially recognized member of the Church."

St. Xavier's Board of Trustees must have at least four nuns from the order that founded the school, and, according to its bylaws, its governing body must "ensure [St. Xavier] continues its educational and religious mission."

After quoting these sources and many others, NLRB's regional director concluded in true Orwellian fashion that "the evidence establishes" that St. Xavier is "a secular educational institution or university."

To support this astounding conclusion flying in the face of the facts (not to mention common sense), NLRB claimed a 1979 Supreme Court affirms this authority.

Yet that case -- NLRB v. Catholic Bishop of Chicago -- actually says the complete opposite of what Obama's NLRB claims.

In an instance of deja vu, the Supreme Court in Catholic Bishop considered a challenge to an NLRB order asserting authority over lay teachers at Illinois Catholic high schools. (Sound familiar?)

NLRB claimed that it had no authority over a church but that it possessed power over church-related bodies that are not purely religious, such as schools. The court considered whether the National Labor Relations Act granted NLRB such power.

Now, that's Change! No longer Catholic enough for President Hide-the-Crucifix.


Orland Park Patch -

By Tom Ritter
The Cougars are expected to be a powerhouse again this year. According to a SouthtownStar article, the Cougars are right where they want to be with their No. 2 national ranking. They will open the season at home on Saturday at 6 p.m., hosting Olivet Nazarene.

The Cougars men's soccer team also received NAIA Top 25 honors, coming in at No. 25 in the rankings, according to the school's athletics site.

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