Monday, August 08, 2011

My Photos of The Cpl. John Fardy Memorial at Holy Sepulchre

And where is MacArthur? Well, we don't like to tell
But he's in a place that Marines all know very well
For he's now down in Dago and trying hard to be
Promoted from a general to a Jarhead PFC
author unknown

Marine Corps 2011 and The Old Corps - this spry be-medaled Full Colonel was everywhere at the Memorial.
Two Korean War Marines Avoiding the Shade.
Marine League and Patriot Riders inspected by the Colonel.
America's Most Exclusive and Precious Fraternity -The Purple Heart Veterans - Jim Furlong who conducted this tribute to Valor is a fully paid up member of the Purple Heart Warriors.
Vietnam Marine and 11th Ward Alderman Jim Balcer pays tribute to the family of Cpl. John Fardy and inspects the Medal of Honor bestowed upon Cpl.John P. Fardy.
Leo Football Coach Mike Holmes and author of the forthcoming book on John Fardy and thirty three fellow Medal of Honor Marines, Dr. Terry Barrett -the event's keynote speaker flank our Leo Lions who helped provide comfort and care. Thanks Men!
Chicago's Own the 2nd Battalion of the 24th Marines Present the Colors and begin the tribute to Cpl. John Peter Fardy, CMOH and Leo Class of 1940 - Semper Fidelis and Facta Non Verba!

These Old Hands by Cpl. Robert L. Cook
Jan. 42~Sept. 45

These old hands
Have gone the distance,
These old hands
Have felt the pain.
They have borne
The heat of jungles,
They have caught
The falling rain.

They have held
An issued rifle
Given to me by
The Corps.
They have pushed
And pulled
And hoisted,
And they seldom
E'er complained.

They have built
And have destroyed,
They have worked
For war and peace.
And when 'tis all
Said and done
And they are laid away,
They have served me
And the nation.
What more
Can I say?

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