Friday, August 26, 2011

Sins of the Father -Why Young Stellan, Dakota, or Magnus X Comes Home in Tears from High School

Young Chelmsford Frailbottom III and his Dad Chelms Frailbottom II attend Father and Son Night at Mount Carmel only minutes before an unfortunate turn of events.

Give dad a gift of comfort this Father's Day with his own pair of Franklin + Gower pants and if you have boys in the house why not buy them father son matching pants.

Franklin + Gower is an LA-based collection comprised of custom-tailored pants, shorts and blazers that feature classic styles updated with great fit and fun details, ensuring men can fashion their very own look for any occasion.

Franklin + Gower features classic fabrics like twill, corduroy and seersucker, but allow men to customize the pieces with colorful piping and patterns. The flexibility of Franklin + Gower allows every man, from to rock their style with flair.

Founders and long-time friends, Paco McCauley and Eduardo A. Braniff, founded Franklin + Gower based on a belief in the importance of individual style and dressing to make a statement. They aim to create clothes that bring color, humor and life to every occasion in order to promote their simple philosophy: smile often and keep positive.
Smile all through a certain,thorough and fully justified ass-kicking? Oh, I think not.

The above goes with the photo of the stunning pantaloons. Bullies are not born; they are all too often the product of abusive fathers. Victims are not born; they are all too often the product of abusive fathers.

At some point a Father must explain to his son exactly why he should not wear his Official Harry Potter's Full Length Sorcerer's Cape to opening day at St. Cajetan's, or Clissold for first or second graders. No, really. That paternal habiliment prohibition is fine and solid preparation for the same young buck's entree to Mount Carmel, St. Rita, Marist, Brother Rice, or Leo in years hence. One might dodge the odd raised eyebrow at St. Ignatius or Chicago Latin, but certainly not through or after lunch period. Dad's take care of your sons.

Likewise, even at my hoary age, better souled people let me know that an Indian Head Dress, or that Magnificent Silver trimmed black Charo Hat might not be the accessories to help me close that final solicitation of philanthropically inclined captains of the corporate board room for the good of Leo High School. I am not even allowed to wear my Thom McCann Old Guy loafers that are wildly comfortable but distinguish me not as a Beau Brummel beyond the deck or front porch. That is to the good. My feelings might smart, but damn I look good!

Some Dad's invite whimsy into their children's lives and that is a precious gift, best left under the cedar divider in the bottom drawer of young Persimmon Antwerp's wardrobe. For every Persimmon there is a Draggo Santee awaiting any and all step over the line - whimsy be damned, while walking the concrete, Young Persimmon! Mors est in Arcadia. . .et in Arcadia ego..

By high school age, whimsy can assuredlyt get a whimsical young man's ass-kicked by the AV-Club and the Religion team.

N.B. - this item came to me via e-mail from a young mother very much concerned for her son and her husband - a California native. This sound woman is a south side expatriot living in California, for now. My prayers go with her.

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