Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Actress Kate Winslet - More of A Man Than I'll Ever Be

I am as yellow as a duck's foot. However, like most ersatz slingers of ink and stringers of opinion, I admire courage - spiritual, moral, political and physical. Firemen, police officers, skilled tradesmen, servicemen of the military, missionaries and defenders of children inspire my better angels to get off of their asses and motivate me.

The beautiful and funny actress Kate Winslet, most known for out-living Lenny DeCaprio in the icy waters of the North Atlantic is a profile in courage. Get this Chicago Firemen!

Winslet and her two children were among the VIP guests at the ravaged the wood and stone mansion and ran into the night air in just their pyjamas.
According to Sir Richard, courageous Miss Winslet acted like a true Hollywood heroine as she swept his 90-year-old mother Eve into her arms and helped carry her to safety as the mansion crumbled around them.
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Lady, you are packing a set.

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