Thursday, June 03, 2010

Media! Wake up! Kevin Clark is still getting the Full Medill Camoflage Job!

The Full Medill Metro Media, boys and girls!

Kevin Clark is the éminence grise in the grey tweed looking like the cat who swallowed someone's canary of this dandy quartet.
Decked out like the Hamas Guerrilla that he is Kevin Clark, a local louse with a free pass to mouth off hate against Jews and get kids killed ( which he did with ISM) did the splits and waved pom -pons for terror in front of the Israeli Consulate immediately after the Gaza Hate Flotilla was interdicted by Israel.

This cockroach Clark has been getting the full Medill from journalists in Chicago.

The full Medill is the three monkeys of reporting -see no evil,hear no evil, report no evil - Thus:

Bill Ayers is a Distinguished Professor and not a pampered gutless sneak.

Bernardine Dohrn is a Northwestern Law Professor and not a convicted felon serial hit and run driver and dedcated terrorist

G. Flint Taylor is Peoples Advocate and not a syrupy ambulance chaser who wrassles Gator Bradley for nickels on the Courthouse Floor

SEIU is Labor Union and not a Marxist PAC that is destroying the Middle Class

The Full Medill is named for Old Joe Medill an anti-Catholic Bigot whose twisted doctrines are imprinted on generations of students who never raise their hands.

Here is today's Full Medill on goof Kevin Clark.

The Rachel Corrie, sailing from Ireland, is the largest of the four crafts carrying desperately needed medicines, school supplies, and food, said Kevin Clark, the Chicago coordinator for the International Solidarity Movement. Named after an American citizen killed by a bulldozer while protesting the demolition of homes in the Gaza Strip, the Corrie was part of the original nine- vessel fleet that became embroiled in the international incident, but due to unspecified delays it idled in the Mediterranean during the crisis, he said.

Kevin Clark helped push goad enocourage Rachel Corrie to get in front of an Israeli bulldozer in Gaza in 2004.

Kevin Clark pushed, goaded, encouraged six(6) dimwitted kids to toss phony blood all over kids, the elderly and the carpet at Holy Name Cathedral at Easter Mass in 2008 so Kevin Clark could preen and pout and pose CLTV for the Gay Liberation Network.

Chicago's Media monkeys see no evil -hear no evil and report no evil.

Grow a metaphorical pair you gelded hypocrites.

I guess you can't pick a fight with eunuchs; you can't expect much from moral cripples; you can't shame a skunk.

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