Thursday, June 17, 2010

Small Person Bart Stupak - Congress's Little King Hypocrite

One of the stand-out hypocrites of this politcial year is Michigan ( UP) Representative Bart Stupak.

This oily little gent played abortion - the death of babies -to parlay his honor for something coming down the pike, I believe. Bart Stupak announced that we does not care to be trounced. Once out of office, watch Bart get a Federal Gig.

Today with every balloon head and phony in Congress lining up to take a pimp slap at BP's Tony Heyword - MSNBC even had resigned Commie Czar Van Jones doing-the-play-by-play with nepotism's Wee Russert -appointed when Dad Tim cashed in this summer.

The King of the Small People is Bart Stupak -

"We are not small people, but we wish to get our lives back," Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich.
Like the aborted babies, Bart pretended to care so much about that he was compelled to vote for Planned Parenthood Approved ObamaCare.

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