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Leftists - It's All About Power: ISM/Free Gaza Kevin Clark- The Preening Power Gobbler of Gaza

The Old south side joke that causes some to shudder ends, " . . .because he can.'

ISM and Free Gaza can do whatever crime they intend to commit because they can. The Media which no longer seems to be interested reporting news but in achieving goals ( Progressive/Leftist ) has shown no interest whatever in following up on any public terrorist. Bernardine Dohrn is a convicted felon and her Barney Google-like mate Billy Ayers has always hidden behind stacks of cash to whatever he pleases. The Media has laundered their actions and if actions have no consequences - as they do for working people and patriots -you can expect more consequences.

Kevin Clark, a suburban home-grown ersatz Franz Fanon, is spokesman for a network of radical groups - ISM and Free Gaza to name but two. He is a man who demands attention by his words and deeds - yet he expects no consequences.

I have spent thirty five years in education. I detest anyone who exploits kids. This is Kevin Clark's meat and gravy. Progressive Power grows from the root of Hegelian Marxism - not Hope and Change.

The exercise of Power is what it it is all about. ISM tells the media what it is doing and they turn away or parse the 'high-moral-fiber' that coarses through the bowels and mouths of the Kevin Clarks, Billy Ayers and Bernardine Dohrns.

[T]he use of nonviolence is about control and power — those who maintain nonviolence and exploit the use of violence by the oppressor maintain control and power, which is something that can be manipulated to present a story, a case or an image.

... we accept that the Palestinians have a right to resist with arms ... Palestinian resistance must take on a variety of characteristics– both nonviolent and violent...
ISM founder Adam Shapiro.

The Israeli's boarded the Rachel Corrie and will tow it to and Israeli port for inspection. The damage was done on Monday because the corporate media wants in on the power wielded by terrorists and their engineers -like Kevin Clark.

According to the Palatine Countryside, Illinois resident and ISM activist Kevin Clark “stayed at the family home of Burak Khelfi, who carried out a Jan. 5 suicide bombing in Tel Aviv. Clark stayed in the home with other internationals to protect it from demolition by the Israeli Occupation Forces.”(Feb. 13, 2003)

Clark, on the Web site “Stop US Tax-funded Aid to Israel Now!” (SUSTAIN), a group of which he is a member, referred to the suicide bomber as a “martyr.” His article also highlights the type of irresponsible action ISM activists engage in:

Last evening, I along with two young "internationals", stayed at the home of one of the Tel Aviv Martyrs’ families to protect them should the IOF [sic] appear to demolish their home. This is the same home that I have stayed in several nights and have been honored by their warmth. This morning at approximately 4AM, I had a sense that something was wrong and a few seconds later the sound of a car motor prompted me to look out the window as 6 military vehicles pulled up in front of the home. We quickly awaken the family and got them away from windows that could be shattered by bullets. The three ISM (International Solidarity Movement) volunteers took our positions in windows and witnessed the soldiers with M16 rifles enter a home across the street to arrest a young man.

Two terrorists who carried out an attack may have been assisted by ISM. On April 30, 2003 Asif Muhammad Hanif murdered three people and wounded more than 50 in a suicide bombing at Mike’s Place, a Tel Aviv tavern. Five days earlier, he and his collaborator, Omar Khan Sharif, were among a group hosted by ISM members at their Gaza apartment. According to the May 2, 2003 Guardian, "the Britons who mounted the suicide attacks in Israel attempted to join the peace movement as cover for their activities." ISM claims they were unaware of the terrorists’ intent.

Unaware or not, ISM has made no effort to foil terrorist activity, while they expend great effort to interfere with Israeli counter-terrorist operations.

If ISM members and the ISM Web site are open about the group’s endorsement of violence — as opposed to its embrace of "peace"–journalists should consistently and clearly say so.

Kevin Clark goaded a dumb girl, Rachel Corrie, to toss herself in front of an Israeli bulldozer in Gaza in 2003 and then led the hand-wringing and International Martyr building. Kevin Clark got six very confused and easily gulled kids to be the Catholic School Girls Against the War and attack worshipers at Holy Name Cathedral on Easter Sunday in 2008. The six goofs went to jail and then to court and Kevin Clark went on the Gay Liberation Network to talk about Kevin Clark. Kevin Clark lives off of the martyrs he creates - he's Power Gobbler.

Then on Monday of this week, CBS's Mike Parker chatted with this cold blooded louse and presented Kevin Clark as a Humanitarian.

Gaza is living Hell because it has been controlled by Hamas since 2005. There are no Israeli's in Gaza, except the young kid that Hamas kidnapped.

Kevin Clark wields power so long as he and the other terrorist cockroaches who are protected by the corporate media enjoy no consequences for their words and deeds.

Hey, I want Kevin Clark to receive all of the attention he deserves . . .for starters.

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