Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Loevy & Loevy v. Law Enforcement, Part II - Help from Cops

Loevy and Loevy, That's Jon Loevy, conducting Law in front of the very willing and compliant corporate media: this was from the famous Screwdriver Houdini case. "To avoid further litigation, the City's attorneys agreed to settle for $4 million (plus attorneys' fees and expenses) if the jury found in favor of Coffie, and nothing for Coffie if the jury found in favor of the police defendants."

I received a note from a Law Enforcement Professional and Organized crime expert. This gentlemen worked very close with Arthur Loevy in forming a Police Union. Ironically, the Arthur Loevy the powerful labor lawyer who networked with labor dollar stuffed Amalgamated Bank of Chicago, Sidley and Austin, and founded UNITE seems to have abandoned the working police officers he purported to "organize" and took the power of his knowledge to make mountains of money for himself and his son - Police suing lawyer Jon Loevy.

Loevy and Loevy go wherever any voice, usually a career criminal, claims the slighests intimation of abuse. Loevy and Loevy force cities, villages and townships to settle with a huge pie of cash ( 1/3 to Loevey and Loevy) that came out of taxpayers pockets.

Arthur Loevy was proud to see his boy Jon clerk for Judge Milton Shadur, work briefly for the blue stocking firm of Sidley and Austin and then -

Starting these Lawyers ( Arthur and Jon Loevy) on their career - mentioned on your blog Mr. Hickey - on their firm's path - their way forward from the law firms embryonic stage in 1999 - being attorneys suing those in law enforcement - are the following police officers - intimately involved:

William Stutzman - Wheeling P D Just recently retired

Michael Dwyer - Evergreen Park P D

Butch McGorcle - Burbank P D

Marty McGrath - Oak Lawn P D

Solomon Smith - Maywood P D ( RET)

One of the first cases Loevy firm had was against Chief Jim Houk of Oak Lawn P D - another top ranking officer - Terry Voderer and the Village of Oak Lawn.

The above named five police officers initiated - steered Arthur Loevy to that law suit.

The case was settled by the Village of Oak Lawn against the wishes of the police officers because it would cost more for the Village of Oak Lawn to defend the suit rather than to settle the case.

Loevy was representing a Oak Lawn police officer named Carlos Panthera whom Chief Houk had rightfully brought dismissal charges against for amongst other issues bragging of gang involved activity. Panthera left the P D.

Loevy went forward to make more money - the money being the raison d’ĂȘtre for his involvement at that time and presently.

Three Chicago Police Officers have had their pockets picked by Loevy and Loevy only last week, as part of a Jon Loevy $1.3 m dollar settlement. Talk about profiling and police abuse!
Several years ago Second City Sarge, a police blog, noted:

People who live in crime ridden areas often ask the police why they can't do more to the criminal element. I truly believe that the efforts of firms like Loevy & Loevy have hamstrung hard working policemen and the good people of Chicago pay literally and figuratively.
According to the Loevy & Loevy website "the guiding principle governing our decision process can be summarized very simply: achieving justice." Bullshit! Its money!
Read for yourself the Loevy & Loevy Website and see what contempt this firm has for the police.
If its all about justice why hasn't Jon Loevy taken on the wrongful deaths of policemen at the hands of cold blooded murderers? The answer: Money!

I can not believe that police officers are helping Loevy and Loevy, but then again, I still go to Confession on Saturdays. You see Loevy and Loevy not only makes millions of dollars, but they helped create Chicago's Thug Comfort Zone - Thugs feel free and even compelled to savagely kill. I have witnessed the death of great kids at the hands of these savages - Jason Riley Leo 2004 Valedictorian and Golden Gloves Champion was slaughtered at 69th & Ashland. Thugs can murder and if caught they call Loevy and Loevy! Crime pays handsomely.

This is interesting. Should be more to come.

It is funny, Chicago's news media never mentioned this riches to riches tale of the Family Loevy.


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