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Cry Wolf Project - Marxist PACs like SEIU v. The Shrinking American Middle Class

How many academics does it take to screw in a light bulb ? Six: One to write the grant proposal, one to do the mathematical modelling, one to type the research paper, one to submit the paper for publishing, and one to hire a student to do the work, and the one to Cry Wolf - Racist Crisis Looming. Oh, you mean mean screw in a light bulb? Crew IN a light bulb, that's sexist or homophobic! Or do you mean 'screw the light bulb into the required light bulb socket? Light bulbs are a danger to a Green Planet!

American Academics want to be power players. They want solidarity with the working class.

Since the 1970's when the bow-tied Federal Judge Prentice Marshall put into motion the complete hand-cuffing and undermining of law enforcement, academic "Centers" for Justice have piled on the Chicago Police. Close on the heels of Prentice Marshall's short-sighted and 'touchy-feely' ruling that stripped the Chicago Police Department of the right to hire qualified candidates for the police academy and possible employment as police officers, race based hiring trumped everything.

In 1976, ruling in a discrimination suit, he ordered the Chicago Police Department to hire women as officers on the beat and to open its doors to more blacks and Hispanics. When the city failed to comply, Judge Marshall directed the United States Treasury to withhold federal money until the department changed its policies.

It did not matter that women are physically less robust than what law enforcement requires, nor did it matter that test scores on the entrance examination might be an indication of future qualification, a Federal judge knew more than the officers placing themselves in harm's way everyday.

Since Prentice Marshall academics and lawyers know more about police work and what it takes to protect citizens, because everything gets laundered by race, gender and feeling really good. Parents of dead teenagers, however, do not feel good and neither do police officers. G. Flint Taylor, Locke Bowman, and Jon Loevy feel great, as do the "Centers" for anything at Northwestern and University of Chicago.

American labor - real labor - skilled trades and industrial trade unions are going the way of law enforcement and American criminal justice, because Academics cry wolf.

SEIU and other Political Action Committees that the corporate media call Big Labor are focused on the elimination of the American Middle Class. In order to accomplish that end, SEIU and their paid helpers in the media and academia must undermine any and all confidence in American Labor - the skilled trade and industrial unions. The skilled trades and industrial unions built the American Middle Class as much as American business.

The middle class in America owes its once robust good health to labor.

Yesterday SEIU spent 10 million dollars to defeat one candidate in Arkansas - Blanche Lincoln. Blanche Lincoln won. SEIU spent millions of dollars to elect the President of the United States. Barack Obama won in 2008. Since then, Andy Stern was selected to serve on the Obama Deficit Reduction Commission, has been implicated in the Illinois Blagojevich corruption trial and has quickly resigned his position as head of SEIU.

Andy Stern came to SEIU via University of Pennsylvania. He is an academic.

Recently the active role of college academics in the work of SEIU to kill the American Middle Class have come to light.
It is no secret that progressives have created a self-cloning machine by hijacking our educational system. Their indoctrination efforts are well documented. But we rarely think of research institutions as propaganda factories. A Request for Proposal (RFP) — see document above — recently obtained by Big Journalism gives us a rare look at how progressives and labor unions attempt to manipulate the national media narrative.
And their process? you may ask. Use the credibility and resources of the American higher education system to create research prop – biased collegial research papers that serve as propaganda to support political policies.
Entitled Cry Wolf, the RFP proclaims a desire to look “for faculty and graduate students… interested in writing short (2,000 word) policy briefs” that “construct a counter narrative that demonstrates the falsity or exaggeration” of conservative claims. Writers of briefs selected by the project coordinators will receive 100,000 pennies for their thoughts.
Their hopes with this researchprop is for these papers to “become the basis for opinion pieces designed to run in the mainstream media, on line, on the air, or in the press,” with the end outcome of building the following narrative in the public consciousness: that conservative objections to their policies are just the old dirty tricks of the right-wing.
If executed successfully, the “first reaction of millions of people, as well as opinion leaders, will be, ‘there they go again’,” reads the RFP – a clear attempt to label any right-leaning objection to progressive policy as another case of crying wolf.

Distributed by Peter Dreier, Professor of Politics and Director of the Urban & Environmental Policy program at Occidental College, the request for proposal asks for help “in an important project in the battle with conservative ideas.” Drier is a frequent collaborator with the California AFL-CIO and the infamous ACORN.
The project’s union and progressive ties are seen throughout the bios of its coordinators and advisory board. It is sponsored by the Center on Policy Initiatives, a San Diego based non-profit headed by co-founder and Cry Wolf project coordinator Donald Cohen – a 25-year community organizing veteran and former Political Director for a division of San Diego’s AFL-CIO.
In fact, every person associated with this project has either spent a lifetime glorifying the work of labor unions through their writings, or has published work that supports the policies that further Big Labor’s agenda.
Labor historian Nelson Lichtenstein, Professor of History at UC Santa Barbara and Director of the Center for the Study of Work, Labor, and Democracy — and “America’s foremost Wal-Mart expert” — is also a Cry Wolf project coordinator. He is the author of numerous books designed to raise the awareness of the labor cause. While at the University of Virginia, Lichtenstein was involved in an organization known as Labor Action Group. “Our task was to insert and raise the labor question into the consciousness and politics of the university,” wrote Lichtenstein in the preface of his book State of the Union: A Century of American Labor.
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SEIU is thick in Illinois politics, as the Blagojevich trial will reveal.

Skilled Trades unions and industrial trade unions need to become aware of the wolves -academics and SEIU leadership -in their midst.

SEIU will, as it tried to do so in Illinois in 2004, to strip Trades of their apprenticeship admissions, schools and certifications and turn that right over to elected officials - they will cry wolf -race, social justice and high sounding cries in the night and the media.

A Federal Judge Prentice Marshall damaged forever the Chicago Police Department with help from academics and lawyers.

SEIU has forever damaged American Labor with help from academics, gutless politicians and of course lawyers - but it is not too late.

Look to Blanche Lincoln.

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