Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Irishman Chaim Herzog - 6th President of Israel - A Lesson to United Nation's Cabal of Hate

"Five Jews came from over sea with gifts to Toirdelbach [king of Munster], and they were sent back again over sea". Annals of Inisfallen 1079 A.D.

Chaim Herzog was born in Belfast and grew up in Dublin, Ireland. He was the son of a rabbi.

Herzog went to Israel ( British Palestine) in the 1930's and fought in the Hagganah during the Aracb Revolt.

During WWII Chaim Herzog drove a tank, rose to rank of Lt. Colonel and captured Heinrich Himmler the cowardly boss of the SS.

Then Herzog went to Israel and fought against the very same people who want to exterminate the Jews. He became Israel's 6th President.

In 1975 when I teaching at Bishop McNamara and the American Media became enamored of the Third World Thug take over of United Nations - two Micks American Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Israeli President Chaim Herzog told the truth on the world.

Here is Chaim Herzog.

"We have listened to the most unbelievable nonsense on the issue of Zionism and from whom? From countries who are the archetypes of racism.

...How dare you talk of racism to us, we who suffered more than any other nation in the world from racist theories and practices, a nation which has suffered the most terrifying holocaust in the history of mankind.

...This is a sad day for the United Nations. The Jewish people will not forget this scene nor this vote.

We are a small people with a proud history. We have lived through much in our history.

We shall survive this shameful exhibition, . . . and I thank the delegations who have expressed themselves against this pernicious resolution. We shall not forget those who voted to attack our religion and our faith. We shall never forget."
to the deaf ears of United Nations Third World Cabal of Hate, October 17, 1975

An Irish cargo ship Rachel Corrie is heading to Gaza as part of the campaign to gas Israel's Moral standing. Rachel Corrie was an American kid who was goaded into standing in front of an Israeli bulldozer by a coward Kevin Clark who trooped gullible kids to Gaza for the International Solidarity Movement ( Read Communists - practiced masters of Jew Killing).

There are less 2,000 Jews living in Ireland in 21st Century.
Jesus wept.

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