Thursday, June 17, 2010

Now THIS is a Gracious Concession Speech

Here in Illinois we get Jan Schakwoski, Mike Quigley, Marque Kirque and other assorted fatuous filberts. In Alabama, you get Dale Peterson!

Dale Peterson is back -- with a vengeance.

The straight-talking, rifle-toting candidate for Alabama Agriculture Commissioner, who came up short in his bid but whose, um, offbeat web ad garnered more than 1.7 million hits on You Tube, has released a sequel (and the crowd goes wild) endorsing one of his former rivals in the race.

"I'm endorsing John McMillan because he gives a rip about Alabama," Peterson says in the new ad, in which he also fires a shotgun rifle at a man trying to steal one of McMillan's campaign signs. (Not kidding.)

McMillan, a former state representative, finished first in the June 1 Republican primary with 36.5 percent while farmer Dorman Grace took second with 35.2 percent. Peterson placed third (out of three) with 28 percent.

Much as he did in his first web video, Peterson takes after Grace again -- referring to him as "that dummy with all his illegal campaign contributions" and urging voters to "send him back to his chicken farm."

The runoff is July 13.

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