Friday, June 04, 2010

Chicago Media -Kevin Clark of Hamas Dodge ISM- Just a Reminder

The last real Democrat on the national scene was Daniel Patrick Moynihan - fierce defender of America and Israel and he said, " Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts."

Get the facts. This louse Kevin Clark likes to play dress-up, mouth high-sounding rhetoric and dupe gullible kids to shed their blood. He was huge in getting Rachel Corrie killed; Clark organized the goofs who attacked worshippers at Holy Name Cathedral in 2008; worked with worst enemies of freedom to push the Terror Flotilla; and wants more blood.

Chicago's corporate media gives this louse a pass.

Oh, by the way -

Israel offered the ship to dock in Ashdod port and they would transfer the aid to Gaza. This offer was made again and again - they refused.

Israel has said that it will deliver any humanitarian aid that was in the boats to Gaza, as it does daily.

Israel left Gaza in hopes of peace in 2005 and in return received more than 10,000 rockets and terrorist attacks. Israel has sought peace and compromise with its neighbors for all of its 62 years and it will continue to do so.

Israel maintains a maritime blockade to ensure that weapons are not brought in by Hamas to use in attacks against Israel.

"We fully intend to go to Gaza regardless of any intimidation or threats of violence against us, they are going to have to forcefully stop us," said one of the flotilla’s organizers.

In the past, terrorist sympathizers have used aid deliveries to smuggle items like potassium nitrate in sugar sacks and used it to make bombs. Israel cannot afford to let goods get to Hamas unchecked.

Five boats were boarded, the protestors complied and they were safely let to shore.

One boat – the Mavi Marmara – did not comply. That is the boat where the violence took place.

This was meant to provoke – it was funded and organized by a Turkish Islamist organization (IHH) that has links to fundamentalist jihadi groups. The ship was flying under the Turkish flag.

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