Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Kevin Clark The Pied Piper of Hamas - This Clown Needs Our Attention

Kevin Clark in a Fabulous Grey Tweed along with his Fellow Bush $ Activists -

Jeff Pickert
Buddy Bell
Kevin Clark
Andy Thayer
— The "Bush 4" Defendants

This creep Kevin Clark is the type of person parents need to warn their kids about - the smarmy do-gooding provacateur who sends earnest and often wildly ignorant young people out to fight his causes.

Kevin Clark was one of the creeps who organized the Catholic Schoolgirl Girls Against the War - six loopy kids who tossed fake blood on worshippers during Easter Mass at Holy Name Cathedral in 2008.

More Importanly, this clown goaded a young girl to be a martyr and toss herself in front of an Israeli bulldozer, so that Kevin Clark could mount a legal campaign against Israel over Gaza Settlements. Hamas fires rockets into Israel and finds cover among the hand-wringers thanks to creeps like Clark. God Bless Israel!

Did I mention that Kevin Clark is a Creep?

A Creep uses Kids whether they are in grammar school or in graduate school. The news Media always gives Creeps like Clark a pass. Mike Parker of Channel 2 CBS did so -

Jesus, will you people ever grow a pair?

Another activist here in Chicago wonders about his friend Mohammadi. She is an Iranian-born American citizen who was on the ship.

Kevin Clark of the Free Gaza Movement says she has a law degree, "but she has chosen to do this type of work, rather than make money."



Anonymous said...

Pat - go to this post and comment on it. Give you rationale. In addition your posting arguments about him being good for the populous, it's hella fun to watch HuffPo fans heads explode when confronted with facts.

pathickey said...

Odd, I attempted to post and it seems to have been disapproved by the Progrssives.

Shocking? Not.