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Flotilla Facts - God Bless Israel

The Network of Peace in 1943 - The Grand Mufti and Young Idealist

Irish vessel Rachel Corrie is headed to Gaza. Terrorists and the network of Marxists, Anti-Semites and Nutballs want more confrontations and more blood. Irish Independent journalist Kevin Myers casts a sober eye on the "Gaza Flotilla" -

Whatever the humanitarian motives of the Irish party heading towards Gaza on the 'Rachel Corrie', the overall effect of this mission to Gaza has been to support Hamas.

Did you see the Arab women's headgear on Al Jazeera TV News before the assault? Did you hear what they were singing?

Passengers on the Turkish vessel chanted: "Remember Khairbar, Khaibar, O Jews. The Army of Mohammed will return." This was a reference to the prophet's seizure of a Jewish-held oasis, the last Jewish settlement in Arabia.

Most of the Jews were slaughtered and their leader, Kinana bin al-Rabi, was captured. He was tied down and a fire lit on his chest and, just before death, he was beheaded. His wife was then forcibly 'married' to Mohammed. This is the event that some of the Gaza 'peace mission' -- though obviously, not the Irish -- were celebrating in song.

And no, this doesn't justify anyone being killed. But do you really believe that the Israelis set out to murder people? If so, why did they kill so few?

Click my post title and read Myers in full and also get the Flotilla Facts:

Flotilla Facts

Israel transfers about 15,000 tons of supplies and humanitarian aid every week to the people of Gaza.

Lawyers representing the family of Gilad Shalit, the kidnapped Israeli soldier held in isolation, had asked the protestors to take aid for him, they refused.

Israel offered the ship to dock in Ashdod port and they would transfer the aid to Gaza. This offer was made again and again - they refused.

Israel has said that it will deliver any humanitarian aid that was in the boats to Gaza, as it does daily.

Israel left Gaza in hopes of peace in 2005 and in return received more than 10,000 rockets and terrorist attacks. Israel has sought peace and compromise with its neighbors for all of its 62 years and it will continue to do so.

Israel maintains a maritime blockade to ensure that weapons are not brought in by Hamas to use in attacks against Israel.

"We fully intend to go to Gaza regardless of any intimidation or threats of violence against us, they are going to have to forcefully stop us," said one of the flotilla’s organizers.

In the past, terrorist sympathizers have used aid deliveries to smuggle items like potassium nitrate in sugar sacks and used it to make bombs. Israel cannot afford to let goods get to Hamas unchecked.

Five boats were boarded, the protestors complied and they were safely let to shore.

One boat – the Mavi Marmara – did not comply. That is the boat where the violence took place.

This was meant to provoke – it was funded and organized by a Turkish Islamist organization (IHH) that has links to fundamentalist jihadi groups. The ship was flying under the Turkish flag.

Those on board carried out pre-planned violence, armed with knives and metal bars, each soldier being attacked by a mob of a dozen extremists. They threw one soldier off the top deck of the ship.

The Israeli government maintains that allowing the illegal flotilla to reach Hamas would have opened a corridor of smuggling of weapons to Gaza and resulting in civilian deaths.

Using the Arabic term ‘intifada,’ Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said "We call on all Arabs and Muslims to rise up in front of Zionist embassies across the whole world.

As the flotilla made its way to meet him in Gaza, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said this week: "If the ships reach Gaza it is a victory; if they are intercepted, it will be a victory too".

Turkey permitted the Marmara to fly under its flag. Turkey knew that the IHH (Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation) had organized the Flotilla, and supports the genocidal terrorist organization Hamas, several Jihadist organizations in Bosnia, Syria, Iraq, Libya, and elsewhere, and has ties with Al Qaeda. But Turkey did not prevent the Flotilla from disembarking and attacking Israel’s sovereign right to protect itself from terrorists attempting to enter Gaza. Now Turkey is condemning Israel for the unfortunate casualties, and is leading the charge to condemn Israel at the U.N. It is Turkey that should be condemned by the United Nations for its role in this brutal trap set for Israelis.

Israel understands what Humanitarian Aid is, and Turkey received it gladly. Shame on Turkey for promoting terrorist-supporting boats to Hamas.

Hamas is responsible for the suffering of both Palestinians and Israelis. Their racist charter calls for Islamic domination; their stance is unchanged and they repress any Palestinians that try and counter their regime.

Any police force in the world would respond to aggression; the provocation is the reason for this regrettable outcome. No country would allow illegal entry of any vessel into their waters without a security check.

Is the blockade lawful?

The usual nonsense about International Law is being posted all over the internet in relation to Israel’s enforcement of the naval blockade of Gaza.

Here are a few points of Law to give you some background (it’s all taken from “The Commander’s Handbook on the Law Of Naval Operations” (US Department of Defense, 1 Jul 2007).


“The belligerent right of blockade is intended to prevent vessels and aircraft, regardless of their cargo, from crossing an established and publicized cordon separating the enemy from international waters and/or airspace.” (Section 7.7.1.)


“Attempted breach of blockade occurs from the time a vessel or aircraft leaves a port or airfield with the intention of evading the blockade, and for vessels exiting the blockaded area, continues until the voyage is completed.” (Section 7.7.4.)


“Neutral vessels and aircraft engaged in the carriage of qualifying relief supplies for the civilian population and the sick and wounded should be authorized to pass through the blockade cordon, subject to the right of the blockading force to prescribe the technical arrangements, including search, under which passage is permitted.” (Section 7.7.3.)


“Neutral merchant vessels and civil aircraft are liable to capture by belligerent warships and military aircraft if engaged in any of the following activities:

- Resisting visit and search

- Carrying contraband

- Breaching or attempting to breach blockade

- Violating regulations established by a belligerent within the immediate area of naval operations…

Neutral vessels or aircraft attempting to resist proper capture lay themselves open to forcible measures by belligerent warships and military aircraft and assume all risk of resulting damage.” (Section 7.10)

(courtesy David Olesker)

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