Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chicagoans - Don't "Sell Your Homes at a Loss," as CTU Threatens - Send the Kids To Catholic Schools - There's Help!

Marilyn Stewart is going out and Karen Lewis is coming in and CPS is broke, busted, Tap City, or as AM 590 Radio Legend and Renaissance Man Mike Houlihan would say "Tapioca!"

Mike Klonsky the Small Schools Initiative who along with Billy Ayers distinguished CPS with God Awful Failure and more Taxes is delighted that fiery Karen Lewis* the CTU She-Bull.

Why not? Mike is set for life with Annenberg Challenge Buckareenos, I would imagine.

Public School teachers, like my neighbors, do not know if they will have a job. They know that they will have many, more kids in class and that they must compete for placement with lazy, incompetent, no-show-but-payday protected losers. Good teachers have a tough rap.

One "Save the Children" teacher warned all of us yesterday that the CPS Board's decision to honor its contract with the swelled like a tick CTU tough guzzlers was not enough! Get this threat to the powers that is -"There are parents who are saying, 'I'm done working this hard when you're saying 35 kids,' " Katten said. "People are saying they'll sell their house at a loss. They are out of here.''

Save your Mortgage down stroke to ReMax folks! Send the kids to Catholic Schools!

Catholic schools get the job done for much less money. There is never a back-to-school "we Might Not Show Up!" Threat by Catholic School teachers. Selling your home will cost much more to Chicago Homeowners than the cost of educating your child in a safe, core-values centered and small classroom - 19-1 student to teacher ration in most cases. There is help available for financial assistance to parents who submit tax-returns and fill out requests for aid from the schools and Big Shoulders.

Here's what CTU - Stewart or Lewis versions -will provide parents and tax payers until Billy Ayers loses that happening ear-ring ( I wonder if Billy also sports a lower back tattoo -nah, probably the Old Lady).

In an unusual display of solidarity, at one point both incoming Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis and outgoing President Marilyn Stewart stood together at the podium as Stewart railed against the class size increase, calling it "educational malpractice.''

"I am ashamed of the Board of Education,'' Stewart said. Lewis hugged her afterward.

Lewis urged the board to first cut expensive curriculum created by outsiders, high-stakes testing and a long line of pricey vendors and consultants. "I would implore you to reconsider,'' Lewis said. "This is a nuclear option.''

Afterward, Burley School parent Wendy Katten, who helped organize a parent rally against class size increases and the state education-funding system, predicted that North Side parents who have raised huge amounts of money for their neighborhood schools will bail out if their children wind up in packed classrooms.

"There are parents who are saying, 'I'm done working this hard when you're saying 35 kids,' " Katten said. "People are saying they'll sell their house at a loss. They are out of here.''

Daley tried to shift the political blame to Springfield, saying, "It's the state of Illinois that basically is cutting [education] funding . . .

"The Board of Education is not the enemy,'' Daley said. ". . . They don't want big classes. No one wants any big classes.''

Stay in Chicago - the greatest City on Earth for all of its faults! Send the kids to Catholic Schools. Give Sr, Mary Paul McCaughey, our Superintendent, a jingle on the phone -

The Office of Catholic Schools is located at:

Archbishop Quigley Center
835 North Rush Street
Chicago, IL 60611-2030
Our Mailing Address is:

Post Office Box 1979
Chicago, IL 60690-1979
To reach the Office of Catholic Schools, please call:
Phone: 312-534-5200
Fax: 312-534-5295

* Congratulations to new Chicago Teachers Union president, Karen Lewis and the Caucus of Rank and File Educators (CORE) team for their remarkable landslide victory in yesterday's union election. CORE's victory represents much more than just a win over the United Progressive Caucus (UPC) and the six-year CTU president Marilyn Stewart. It is a sign that rank-and-file teachers are fed-up with the business-as-usual politics of traditional union leadership in the face of the current assault on public education, including school closings, teacher firings, mushrooming class size and loss of collective-bargaining rights.,CST-NWS-skul16.article

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