Friday, June 04, 2010

Steve Huntley Roots Out The Flotilla Rodents

Skunks wearing Chanel # 5 are still skunks. Marxists, Anti-Semites and Activists like to network and group think to destroy our way of life. Our way of life, the one most hard-working, generous and fair-minded people put their shoulders to wheel to make better, threatens the skunks.

Israel is and has been a threat to skunks since Harry Truman recognized that Jews returning to the land that is the foundation of Western Civilization after the Uber -Skunks of Nazi Germany and their network of fellow activists throughout Europe and the Mid East attempted to exterminate every Jew on the planet.

Now, our celebrity/Media Protected gang of skunks have organized the launch of another nautical political suicide bomb, The MV Rachel Corrie ( named for an ISM lured kid to become their martyr in 2004 by Kevin Clark -one of Chicago's Uber-Skunks: a lightweight Bernardine Dohrn to match her light-weight poser Old Man Billy Ayers)after the Hamas-packed set-up ship in the Gaza Flotilla.

Chicago Sun Times columnist Steve Huntley - a sole voice of common sense among that paper's crew of Icons - roots out the Flotilla Rodents.

The main organizer of the flotilla was Turkish-based Insani Yardim Vakfi, described as a humanitarian relief fund but which, like some other Muslim charities, has links to Islamist radicalism. The Danish Institute for International Studies found the organization provided support to al-Qaida, including for the failed millennium plot to bomb Los Angeles' airport, and to Algerian terrorists in Europe. A Chicago lawyer on the flotilla, Fatima Mohammadi, describes herself on her LinkedIn page as "national organizer" for Viva Palestina, founded by the rabid Israel-hater and Hamas sympathizer George Galloway of Britain, who is dedicated to delegitimizing the Jewish state.

Just as obvious as the radical roots of the flotilla is the fiction that it was a humanitarian effort. The Israelis offered to unload the flotilla's supplies and transfer them to Gaza, in addition to the tons of food and medicine Israel supplies daily. But no, the actual goal was to break the blockade, which would have opened the way for later shipments of missiles, mortars and other weapons.

European capitals responded to the deaths of nine of the militants by calling for an end to the blockade. The Obama administration is reported as describing the blockade as untenable. President Obama would be wise to tread softly in undermining another nation's legitimate act of self-defense. On Wednesday, a new U.N. report criticized the U.S. use of drones to kill terrorists, a tactic the administration defends in the name of protecting America lives.

Other than a blockade, what will keep arms out of Gaza so long as Hamas wages war against Israel? The U.N.? Not a chance. The 2006 Israeli war against Hezbollah in Lebanon ended on the promise of U.N. forces keeping weapons out of southern Lebanon. Instead, thousands of missiles, including Scuds capable of hitting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, have flowed into Lebanon under the eyes of feckless U.N. troops.

Israel and Eygpt set the blockade. Ayers, Dohrn and the Code Pink Skank went to Egypt to help network a World Coalition of Skunks and gullible hand-wringers and plan the blockade's deconstruction.

Well done Mr. Huntley. I wish more genuine voices would emerge from the fog that is our corporate media.

God Bless Israel!

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