Friday, June 18, 2010

Burge Trial - Burge Gives G.Flint Taylor What He Howled For . . . Taylor and Company Are Not Happy.

I know the Fahey family, not real well, but I know Packey and Mike. Their brother Chicago Police Officer William Fahey along with Officer Richard O'Brien was tortured, murdered and their bodies were urinated upon by the Wilson Brothers.

I do not know, nor have I ever met Former Detective Commander Burge. I do know several Chicago Police Detectives who worked under Jon Burge, in Area 2. They universally admire Burge for courage and leadership 'from the front' and say he was a great boss.

All I know about Jon Burge's nemesis G. Flint Taylor is what I have read in the news and other media publications and witnessed on television or heard over the radio. My impression of G. Flint Taylor of the Peoples Law Office is wildly unfavorable. Not a big deal.

The media love G. Flint Taylor because he is edgy and wraps his dubious agenda in rhetorical flourishes that would make Atticus Finch seem like the leader of a lynch mob.

There should be indictments and prosecutions of Burge and his men for obstruction of justice, perjury and conspiracy,” said Flint Taylor, Orange’s attorney. He called for hearings for the 25-30 black men imprisoned after allegedly being tortured into confessions of crimes they didn’t commit. . . .Meanwhile, Orange’s lawyer failed to produce a properly drafted document giving him power of attorney to settle, Georges said. . . . an attorney for one of the plaintiffs had not been able to produce a power of attorney executed by his client, a form that would demonstrate he had the authority to settle the case.
Chicago Sun Times

G. Flint Taylor it seems to me is a Marxist millionaire lawyer with the bulliest of pulpits - American Progressive High Ground. He is a nasty piece of work, it seems to me, because he has been at the plate with his Burge bats for decades and never hit one even remotely within the foul line. G. Flint Taylor's most telling moment occurred when career criminal and current Federal inmate Aaron Paterson's day in court went south on the thug. G. Flint Taylor and Urban Translator Gator Bradley as well as another attorney all but came to blows over the money that was settled out of court - yet, Aaron by dint of his thuggish instincts returned to prison.

Three of the alleged victims have remained free, but Patterson is serving a 30-year prison term on gun and drug charges.

In one of the strange twists in Patterson's civil case, a judge allowed Wallace "Gator" Bradley, a former gang enforcer, to sit in court with Patterson's attorney as an "urban translator" to control the volatile defendant. Now Bradley says Patterson's attorney, Frank Avila, owes him $250,000 for his work. Avila and Flint Taylor, Patterson's former lawyer, are fighting over their share of the legal fees.
Chicago Sun Times

G. Flint not only demands the spilled nickels on the courtroom floors, but also demands that the American Justice system be deconstructed. Any and all confidence in Law Enforcement and the Institutions of Justice must be undermined - in that way, G. Flint Taylor can continue to milk the Systemic Racist Police Torture Cow.

Every time, and he will again, Taylor fails make charges stick to Jon Burge and other police officers, he howls like a pig with a hair lip.

A panel of judges must study Burge and his Midnight Crew!!!!!

They did and produced a finding that cost millions of dollars and did not come up with Taylor's script.

Howls!!!! They are related to cops!!! It is more racism and cover-up!

Flint demands and the corporate media choruses along with Flint "The Federal Prosecutor MUST Charge Burge with Perjury!:

They did.

Flint Howls!!!!!!!!!!!"I want Burge on the witness stand!"

There is Burge in all of his beefy splendor!

Flint Howls!!!!!!!!!!!! to Elizabeth Brackin on WTTW. Naturally. Brackin wants Burge stomped -give her a listen. Hack.

I have a feeling that Burge will go back to Florida -John Conroy's editorialized reports for NPR notwithstanding. Many, many, many very good people believe G.Flint Taylor. I do not. I am around police officers very often and I am also around people in the news media very often. Some cops are thugs and most are not. Some journalists are lazy, scripted hacks, most reporters are not that at all.

The Burge Saga has been an orchestrated effort to create the facts -pure Hegelian/Dewey method. Facts are troubling things. What is ignored by the media is the fact that much of testimony in past trials concerning police torture were ruled as inadmissable. The 'black box' is an urban legend. I first read about the black box years ago, when Bernardine Dohrn strapped on her job at Northwestern. Sasha Abramsky echoed the tale and John Conroy then with Chicago Reader hammered it home.

G. Flint Taylor even had a re-production of the torture instrument brought into a courtroom.

A boy scout who later said that he had seen the device -melted into La Salle County Illinois and a series of arrests in Ottawa. UBI Sunt?

The City of Chicago, like other towns and municipalities walked right into G. Flint Taylor's agenda - they tried to toss money at a glutton.

Now, with witnesses against Burge self-impeaching and the high-minded suspender snapping oratory melted, Jon Burge is answering questions with piss and vinegar.

When and if Burge is acquitted and I believe that he will be. G.Flint Taylor and his orchestra will play more loudly. This is not about justice -this is all about money for G. Flint Taylor and his industry. But right now, things are not looking too good and it is torturing G. Flint Taylor.

G. Flint Taylor knows all about torture - he is a past master.

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